Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap - Missing the Green

Wrap de Jamon y Queso Crema


Ha ha ha - wrap...get it?

Sorry, it's been a long day. And I'm tired and ready for a nice lay-in tomorrow morning, til at least 8am!

Anyhoo, my weekly financials are kind of ho-hum. I finally got paid today and my estimate was over by $11 so that sucked as I was really hoping I'd under-estimated. AND we (Michael) bought Sarah McLachlin tickets today as she's coming to London in March. ($164)!! Michael's paying for them but since it's his birthday on Monday and he LOVES Sarah I'm thinking of paying for them as a gift. That'll really put the squeeze on my budget but I think I can swing it. I ended up with an extra $100 in my misc. budget due to spending less on gas and groceries. I could put it towards debt BUT I still want to purchase a birthday gift.

Makes sense...I think:)

This my two week chart. Susanna, you mentioned that the phone/cable/internet was so low - well, that's because only my cell phone bill has been paid so far this month, the home phone, cable and internet haven't been paid yet, when they are you will see that column take a big jump.

I spent another $13 on iTunes - my goal is to purchase ALL the Beatles music one album at a time. That'll take awhile. Other than breakfast out last Saturday and putting $20 on my Starbucks card last Sunday I've spent NO money, NONE! Oops, told a lie... we went to see Black Swan today after school, a matinee so it was cheaper:) Wow, the music is still running through my head - SUCH a good movie.

Heartbeat: had a tough few moments with my daughter this week. She broke up with her boyfriend of over two years. It was her decision and she talked to us about it and seems good with her decision.  The tough moment was when I got up Thursday morning to get ready for work (5:45am) and her bed was empty. What a feeling and the thoughts that rushed through my mind - it was horrible.
I checked my cell phone for messages - nothing...checked the home phone - nothing. Asked Michael to check his phone...nothing.

So I called her cell number. Rang and rang and rang. I'm pacing around, what to do what to do...Called her number again and she answered - she and her friend had gone out together on Wed. evening and she ended up sleeping at her house. Of course at that point all my anxiety became relief and then anger. Later we talked, cried, rehashed things, hugged.

Man, being a mother can be hard sometimes. And scary.

Header: Prince Edward Island - isn't it so green?


Maureen said...

You never ever get the Mum thing out of your head, during our flood crisis I must have rung mine about 4 times a day. I seriously think they were over me, as they are 36 and 33.

PEI looks lovely the colour reminds me of Scotland, all green and lush. Brisbane is a kind of sludge brown colour just now.

Anonymous said...

oh ok! I was wondering why beer cost $10 there and you could get phone/internet/cable for under $30 LOL! makes sense though since you pay them separately!

I'd let Michael pay for the tickets since he's already done so then treat him to a special dinner and drinks after or something since he's always cooking!

I need - no NEED - to sit down and get back on track with budgeting. I bought a LOT of stuff for my wii that I pulled out of 'storage' from a couple of years ago! And the real kicker is that out of all the games and exercise stuff I got stuck on wii fit plus then Walk It Out! I LOVE Walk It Out! ok, down girl! but I keep hoping my friends will come over and we can all play together - her nearly 3 yr old can even play stuff on theirs -he's better than me on some of the stuff! I got him a couple of games for his but since it was his parent's birthdays this month I got them for 'them' instead but of course he's using them but they do too since they're dancing and wii fit nickelodeon!

mothers - sigh. Honestly the 'girl' is a woman but though I don't have kids I can understand being upset when someone just 'disappears'! Part of being an adult I think is figuring out a way to put a mom at ease while not looking like you're being a child doing so LOL!


Niki said...

I love Sarah Maclachlan, I hope you have a good time.
That must have been so scary with your daughter. These things I am not looking forward too, but are sure will come with my twin daughters they are only nine. I am glad you guys worked it out.

Jane said...

Maureen: It really does look a lot like Scotland in PEI, as well as Cape Breton/Nova Scotia (New Scotland as it was called by its first Scottish settlers). I think that's part of the lure for me - it's calling to my scottish blood:)

The Borrower said...

Maybe you and Michael need a 3rd wheel to Sarah? hahaha

I agree with other commenter that said let Michael pay for tickets and you cover dinner and drinks.

I have been that mom that woke up to no kid and freaked. We have a rule that which ever of us doesn't make it home, we text, call or leave a note - even if it means waking my old butt up. :)

Johanna said...

Scary moment not to find her in bed. I don't think we ever stop worrying about them. I think as long as they know it's coming from a place of deep love they understand our concern. Or at least I hope so.
Great work on the money front. I think the extra from misc can go for a pressie instead of towards debt.

Sharon said...

Love the's gorgeous!

I'm so with you on the scared part...Once a mom, always a mom, no matter how old the child.

What a great birthday outing! I love Sara's music!

Anonymous said...

I'd buy the tickets for your hubby if you can swing it, he'll LOVE them like you said, money well spent! :)

You know how the saying goes, when you're a mother you wear your heart on your sleeve. Glad all is well! ((Hugs))