Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap

You remember that $0 in my wallet?? Well, I looked in my wallet today and there was a $20 bill! Magic!! I'll let you in on my secret to "making something out of nothing" if YOU send ME just 3 monthly payments of $9.95 lol! Seriously though, Michael gave me $20 gas money - it just seemed miraculous to end the week with more than I started with:)
Nothing earth shattering on the financial side of things. I work, I get paid, I pay bills, I save..blah blah blah. Still waiting to see how LITTLE my paycheque is on the 15th. Right now I'm living on my pay from Dec. 31st. The good news is I have more than half of my grocery money left and almost all of my gas money (plus $20)so I consider myself blessed and highly favoured!

That's not to say I went totally without treats this week, oh no!
I spent my iTunes gift card (plus a bit more)this week on 4 Beatles albums and I just want to put it into print that this is the LAST format I am purchasing their music on: first it was 8-tracks (I'm dating myself:), then Lps and 45's, then cassettes, then CD's, now downloading to my iPod. Please God, don't let my iPod become obsolete anytime soon!

My heating bill came in at $91 for the month - $1 more than I budgeted for but my condo fee came in at $204 which was $1 less than budgeted for - marvellous how things work out sometimes isn't it? I put $650 into savings, paid for my glasses ($152 set aside) and that was my week.

My daughter left yesterday morning for her annual trip to Montreal with the Greek club from university. However, today she texted me around noon to tell me she was coming home early on the train (not supposed to come home til Sunday). I immediately texted her back asking if she was ok, does she want me to call her. No, she said, she's not ok but she's boarding the train & excited about doing it on her own, she's having boyfriend and female friend issues and can I get her at the train station at 7:20pm.

The long and the short of it is she feels stifled by her greek boyfriend and the greek girls in the club exclude her from all of their activities - one of them even called her "white trash"(THAT GIRL DOESN'T WANT TO CROSS MY PATH EVER!!) Kazi isn't greek, she isn't rich and pampered like them (she works and pays her way through university with some help from me while their rich daddies buy them condos to live in, cars to drive, pays their tuition and gives them large allowances) so they look down on her. So she has decided to break up with George (who is also from a rich family and only wants to hang out with his greek friends and doesn't want Kazi to do anything but hang out with him - he doesn't like her to see her other non-greek friends). A day of drama and decisions.

I am proud of the independent young woman she is becoming - working 20-30 hours a week as well as studying full-time at UWO - and I just want her to be true to herself. She's only 20 - she needs to live life to the fullest, have adventures, travel, meet new people and have FUN!

Will update sidebars tomorrow - time to go to bed!
P.S. The painting in the header was painted by my talented older sister Dale! I'm getting sick of winter colours (if you can call white and grey colours) so decided to provide a jolt of vibrant colour. C'mon spring!!


  1. Yay for Kazi! Good for her! I wish I'd had that courage when I was that age. I'm pretty sure mindful, loving parenting and guidance played a hand in who she is! :)

    Love the painting. I have many of my sister's paintings waiting to be hung in the new place.

  2. Congratulations on finding the"hidden" money in your wallet, such a pleasant surprise.

    I know you are very proud of your daughter for sticking up for herself and refusing to be the target of teasing of the Greek club. They certainly are not worth her time.

    You instilled great values and self esteem into your daughter, so pat yourself on the back!

    And I pity those "greek girls" if they cross your path ... The urge to always protect our babies never goes away, no matter how old they are.

  3. The strangest thing happened while reading this post. I found myself sitting up straighter in my desk chair, heart rate speeding up and mommy protection radar running full speed. It just ticks me off when rich kids think they are better then our fabulous kids that go to school, work, and are GREAT people.

    I am so exhilirated by your daughters strength to get up and say - that's enough. She is so much like my daughter. You must be overjoyed with pride for her internal strength. You did a great job MOM!!!!

    Also, I love the new pictures. Thought I was in the wrong place at first.

  4. Love the bright new colours. Your sister's painting is great, is it on old boards or is that just texturing I'm seeing? Good for Kazi, taking care of her needs and not being afraid to go it alone are huge steps.

  5. Love your talented Sister,s work, it,s gorgeous.

    Sounds to me like Kazi is a lot like her Mum, strong and independent. You have to feel a little sorry for those spoiled little rich girls, with no backbones.

    Did you notice that I had added another year onto my retirement date, after New Year I was able to go into ticker and they had added another year it now takes me to 2016 it,s going to be another year before I can post my actual date of Jan 2017

  6. Good on Kazi. Sometimes when you're quite young it's much easier not to take a stand when this sort of thing's also (very) hard when you're a mother to step back and let them deal with it on their own, but we have too...unfortunately!!!

  7. Thank you ladies - I am proud of my baby girl and I did a GREAT job of raising her on my own.
    Marguerite - not painted on old boards, just the texturing you're seeing - I love texture in paintings - the more the better!

  8. you should totally be proud mama!!!! I know I would!

    and I love when little surprises happen (the $0 turning into $20!)

    Love it!

  9. I agree, you should be proud. It sounds like she's got a good head on her shoulders. I can only hope I'm doing as well with my kids.

  10. Wow, I say GOOD FOR KAZI! She's young, smart and beautiful, and she could get anyone she wants. The world is ahead of her, there's no room for people like that in her life.
    You are a great MOM. Isn't it funny how we instinctively know there is something wrong with our kids?

    Love the new blog look too!


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