Friday, December 10, 2010

Surveys Update

Just a quickie post before my staff and students arrive (I've got about 10 more minutes of peace:). Thank you to all the responders about legitimate surveys; I'm posting a list so those who want to investigate further can do so. I am definitely going to check some out myself - in fact I already joined Opinion Outpost (thanks 444!)
  • You Gov. (in the UK, not sure if elsewhere?)
  • Opinion Outpost (Canada and U.S.)
  • Pinecone Research
  • Survey Savvy
  • Angus Reid Forum Global Test Market (is that all one company?)
  • Global Test Market
  • Netpanel Surveys
  • Toluna
  • Web Perspectives
  • Ipsos Reid
  • Swagbucks - to us at Amazon
These are survey sites that readers have used and received $$ either in the form of a cheque or directly into their paypal account so therefore deemed NOT a scam:)
Let me know if you join any of these sites and how they are working for you!

Thanks again dear readers - it's so gratifying to be able to pop a question out there and received such a fast, informed response. You're the best!!

Happy Friday already!! Gee, I could get used to a two day work week lol!


  1. I've never heard of this before but thinking I might try it out. Thanks for posting this information.

  2. I'm with Pinecone and I like them! I get $5.00 in my paypal acct. every time I complete a survery for them, and i've been chosen a few times to try out products for them. I enjoy it! :)

  3. So glad you got the right responses, might as well get something for nothing much !!!

    Is that your garden fence in the latest photo, ant higher and the Chrissie decoration will need shovelled out. ( am I allowed to mention THE SNOW )


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