Thursday, December 16, 2010

O Thursday Night..

Wood Island Winter Sunset

Feeling somewhat relaxed leaning up against my vibrating heating pad after a spicy hot pork dinner a la Michael. Somewhat...not totally. Not quite yet. But soon.

Yesterday I finished up my shopping with incredible ease - $50 iTunes card for only $40 (and no tax) for my godson at Future Shop; $20 Subway Card for Kazi (that's it for her..already bought her iPad classis & stocking gifts), beautiful gift basket for my neighbour purchased at Winners for $24.95, and some things for Michael who might read this before Christmas so ha ha ha:) P.S. the upstairs closet is a NO Michael zone so STAY OUT tee hee!

We loaded up on free movies from the library and in about two shakes of a lamb's tail I'll be in bed ready to fall asleep watching one. Man, a movie works better than any sleeping pill for me. I don't really understand why a movie puts me to sleep...when it's done and it's quiet that's when I wake up?!?

Waiting for the flyers on Friday then we'll do our Christmas grocery shop. Printed off all my directions today for getting around Toronto for Kazi's and my trip this weekend. Feeling so efficient:)

Got my classroom all set up for our big breakfast tomorrow morning. One of my senior students who has a work placement at the nearby Hilton Hotel cooked all the bacon and sausages today and put them on cookie sheets so I just have to pop them in the oven when I get to school in the morning.  Then I can start cracking 60 eggs for making scrambled eggs.  The OJ is ready and fresh croissants and hash brown casserole will be arriving at 7:30am. I LOVE breakfast!!

Then I can relax until noon when the Christmas assembly starts. This is not a bunch of kids singing Christmas carols ..oh no..students rehearse for months for this assembly - they have to audition and only the cream of the crop make it through.  We'll be listening to choirs and rock bands and watching hiphop dancers  - it's usually a totally awesome and deafening experience.  

Then we'll get the kids on their vans, wish them a Merry Christmas and collapse.  Once the room is cleaned up we'll all head out for a well-deserved two week break - I can't wait.  A little packing tomorrow night and at 8am Saturday morning Kazi and I will be enroute to Toronto - for a day of the Royal Ontario Museum, dinner at Big Daddy's and off to the theatre to see Rock of Ages.  There is supposed to be NO SNOW for several days, thank goodness. Sunday brings breakfast in the penthouse at the Sheraton, shopping at the Eaton Centre and perhaps the Voyage of the Dawntreader if we can fit it in. 

I'm a bit worried about the amount of $$ I have left for the next two weeks. I didn't plan for the $80 visit to the eye doctor this Monday plus I spent an extra $72 on special exhibit tickets at the ROM - wasn't planning that either.  This means I might have to cut back on my savings a bit more for this month - I hate that but I also hate squeezing my pennies super-tight over Christmas, so I must chill out and enjoy...but NOT overdo.  Even Michael said yesterday it's SOOOO tempting to overspend when you're out Christmas shopping- you get so filled with a sense of well-being and generosity you just want to treat everyone to something special.  And when you add the whopping 13% hst to all of your purchases well sheesh - it adds up so fast.

But first - bed and a movie. Going to need my strenght...and most of all my patience...for Friday.  Talk to you tomorrow. 


  1. I understand about bed and a movie. We stay up watching recorded TV way too late. Eventually I just have to lie down, telling myself I just have to rest. Then I just have to rest my eyes, but I'm still listening. Every single time I really believe I'm going to stay awake and every single time I fall asleep about 30 seconds later when I can't keep my eyes open for even a second, but I'm totally in denial about it. ("I'm awake, really, I am!" I tell Mr. 444 when he turns off the TV and says I missed the last half hour because I was asleep.)

  2. It sounds like you'll have a wonderful breakfast! And what a great time you'll have in Toronto!!!

    The next two weeks are going to be a little tight for us too. I'm a bit worried that I won't make it with what I have in the checking account, as I'll have to pay for two PT visits, and the oral surgeon consult. But here's hoping!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Sounds like a neat Christmas assembly, my kids just had their Christmas recital. I don't think it is as pumped up as yours sounds.
    I am loving your weekend plans. Hope you have a lot of fun.

  4. Sounds like you and DD are going to have a great time.
    I hav,nt done one Christmasy thing this year, normaly we would attend a Carols By Candlelight, have the tree dressed and presents wrapped, but this year is going to be a bit of a damp squib.

    I must do something to change this mindset.whurnis

  5. I'm enjoying my first coffee of the morning and have already taken all the blue boxes and garbage out..between Jim's boss and myself we talked him into taking another day off after his Weds. knee's hard keeping him from hobbling around, I said I'd give him a bell to summon me :)..Looks like snow here for next five or six days so looks like this old girl will be manning a shovel a lot..have fun in T.O., it's a wonderful tradition you have with Kazi..enjoy your two weeks off older Sis.

  6. yep I became overwhelmed wtih the feeling of generosity! I did too much kid retail therapy but it was worth it last night to see 2 kids so happy with early christmas! Little Dude was a bit moody but Kayla(2nd grade so 8 or 9 I think)was thrilled. I knew she liked hello kitty(so sick of that stupd white kitten with the bow!)and she said once she liked toy story 3 though wasn't sure if she was just saying that or meant it due to the circumstances. I got some hello kitty stuff and a toy story 3 book mark and whatever those shaped rubber band thingies are..she seemed to like those before. she did want a Tag like I got little dude and I told her I had thought about it but she was older than it says on the box but that I'd get her one for her bday if she still wanted one and her mom said ok (not sure if she's getting one for christmas or not) but I see they have a map pack that's educational so maybe..I was wanting to get her a book and the movie willy wonka about charlie and the chocolate factory. that was one of the books I picked out for her for christmas. she likes cats so I found 3 different cat series/books for her to try then I picked out books I liked(still like) and that was one along with Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, Little House int he Big Woods, Charlotte's Web..)

    anyways, have a great trip and enjoy yourselves!!

  7. Jane,
    Have a great weekend in TO taking in all the wonderful sights. The ROM is fantastic and I'm sure you will enjoy it.
    It sounds like you have planned some great bonding time to have with Kazi.
    Drive carefully and have lots of fun.
    Can't wait to hear all about it.
    I use to love the Eatons and Simpsons Christmas windows downtown. I wish that hadn't change, but the Eaton Center is still really cool.


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