Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekly Wrap

News Beat:   Did I have any no spend days this week?? Hmmmmm...yes, I think I had a couple, this week has been a blur so my memory is a little hazy...that's not a good thing...bad things can happen in a!!

The good news: our breakfast went off without a hitch! but almost with a stitch! or two! Sigh...I was doing EVERYTHING in a hurry today as I wanted to get to school even earlier than my usual 6:45am so here's one thing NOT to do when you are in a hurry: trim the hair around your ears with a sharp pair of scissors:( Do you folks know how much ears bleed when you give them a little snip??  Oh my.  So picture this - me with a huge hunk of gauze embracing my ear with my glasses sitting on the outside of it so that no blood drips while I  crack 60 eggs. Not an easy feat but I did it. Luckily I was all alone so no one had to witness my weirdness. After what seemed an imterminable length of time it finally congealed enough to remove the gauze. When my EAs started to arrive I let them take over cooking the eggs.

By 8:10 everyone had arrived, we said grace and sat down to scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages, hashbrown casserole, croissants and orange juice. We had a few leftovers that we managed to get rid of at lunchtime and what with tins of cookies and homemade peanut brittle that students brought in we were stuffed to the gills!

The bad news: I'm stuffed to the that's not it...I'm pretty sure I won't make it to the end of the month before the end of my money. I make a transfer now from my savings or wait til the end of the month, calculate the damages and then make a transfer. If I transfer $$ now will that just encourage me to spend more resulting in possibly yet another transfer of $$?? Hmmm...I think I'll wait and be very CONSCIOUS of my spending...I'm not going to throw caution to the wind. Boy, December is very challenging isn't it? I felt the old pull of bad thoughts a few times this week: have I bought enough, should I spend more, oh oh sounds like Michael spent more than me, should I buy him another gift? what about Kazi...will she be satisfied with just 3 or 4 gifts this year instead of 10 or 12? I think it will take a few more Christmases before I get used to this downsizing. I'm willing to do the work.

Heartbeat:  Tomorrow morning Kazi and I leave for our trip to Toronto. Yesterday she drove for only the second time.  She needed to pick up her contact lenses so I went with her. She had to turn left at a major intersection and got really stressed out - after she made the turn we pulled into the optometrist's parking lot and she had a few tears. This is not going to be easy.

This photo of an ice-covered lighthouse was taken by the Associated Press and is making the rounds on the internet. It was taken December the 10th at the mouth of the Cleveland (Ohio) harbour.
It reminds me of the Kremlin.
Isn't it eerily beautiful?


  1. I would leave the money snug and well wrapped up in your bank account, it would be so tempting to have it in your wallet.

    That sounds like my all time favorite breakfast you dished up, so well done. And I,m glad you stemmed the blood. I do know how much ears bleed from my Hairdressing days.

    Poor Daughter baby steps for her for awhile, looks as if you,ll be doing the driving on your trip, have a ball.

  2. I'm finding December very challenging as far as money is concerned...I'm trying to find ways to stop this happening [every year] without causing upset.

    How awful for Kazi, it's going to take a while, however the more she drives the easier it should get; it's good that she has you with her for now :)

  3. If you have at least a bit of $$ for now, i'd work with that first! I am using the leftover's of my jars for this week, and let me tell you, it's no easy task! lol!! But I need to buy *another* turkey, so will be doing some 'budget' juggling also.

    Safe travels to TO tomorrow! :)

  4. Challenging. That's the word of the day! I'm not sure I'll make it to the end of the month without dipping a bit into savings either. But I'm not transferring any money until absolutely necessary. :)

    I'm sure it will take a while before Kazi feels comfortable driving, but she's made the most important step...getting back in the car.

    Have a great time in Toronto!

    P.S. The lighthouse is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I love hashbrown casserole! The breakfast sounds like a tasty success!

    December is challenging. I always feel a last minute pressure of sorts to buy more gifts to put under the tree. Its crazy, because the gifts are not usually something the person will use on a regular basis, just some hokey thing... like the clapper. ( you know what the clapper is, right? )

    Wait to transfer the money until absolutely necessary. You have bought enough. :)

    Poor Kazi.... It will definitely take some time for her. I hope she overcomes her fear and anxiety very soon. And I agree with Laura, it is a good thing that she has you with her.

  6. Gosh I want eggs now. Once you talked about the breakfast it's all I can think about.

  7. That lighthouse looks like something you would find in Narnia. I love it.

  8. It's gonna take her about 6 months probably - that's what it took me but I was driving on a regular basis out of necessity(had to work LOL!) If the bus route here would stop outside my job and run 24/7 I'd be on it! We're right at the county line and not enough interest to have it run that far down..the walk up the road distance-wise would be good exercise but getting robbed or raped or murdered wouldn't be my cuppa tea!

    ya'll have fun on your trip. that breakfast sounds great - minus the blood! There's a blog where this woman did 365 with her crockpot and blogged about it - she has several crockpot breakfast casseroles that sound yummy!


  9. poor thing with your daughter. I really am glad that you were there for her to help her get through that. I really hope she starts to recover soon


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