Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Day of Reckoning is Upon ME!

Shopping at the Eaton Centre

I don't really want to do this so that is why I must!! Then I can either regret my lapse of good judgment and tell myself "better luck next year" or I can make a plan to recoup the money I spent. Either way it's best to shine the bright light of clarity on my shopping trip rather than hide it at the back of my closet.

To my credit no credit card was used. I think I just made a joke.
  • Smart Set - 2 blouses both marked down twice for a total of $53.17; also got a cardigan but my daughter bought it for me as a Christmas gift
  • Nike Store - bought an extra (oops) gift for Michael so shhhh! also marked down twice for a total of $20.34
  • Bath and Body Works - my favourite shower gel for me (Lavender Chamomile) not on sale; and 3 small tubes of combination hand sanitizer/hand lotion - pretty cool stuff, I don't know about you but working with kids I use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day and have the scaly dry hands to show for it...they were on sale for 30% off so total spent there was $25.99
  • Dynamite - two tunics to wear with tights...one for New Years Eve and one for work, bought the tights too; total came to $98.03 but Kazi had given me a $25.00 gift card so I paid $73.03
  • Reitmans - 2 sweaters and 1 top all sale items for a total of $58.79
  • La Senza - bought 3 much-needed let me tell you bras, and received a 4th one for free - for a total of $100.01(they were on sale for $29.50 each yet with HST still comes to $100 - tax bites!!
  • Roots - bought a jacket that was on for 50% off - total $67.79
OMG!! So excluding the gift for Michael I spent $378.78 on myself. Insert blush here!) In addition Kazi and I each paid $25.00 for our dinner at Big Daddy's which was very cheap - we had $56 in coupons because it was part of our Mirvish Package. I also paid $12 for parking at the ROM and $35 for valet parking at the Hilton. Sort of a necessity in downtown Toronto.

Then there were various coffees/muffins and I bought lunch on Saturday and Kazi bought lunch on Sunday.

I had $320 set aside so am short by (378.78 - 320.00 = 58.78 + 12.00(parking) + 35.00(parking) + 25.00(dinner) + $20(lunch/coffees/muffins) + $20(Michael's extra gift) = $170.78 OVER BUDGET

Gas $$ came out of my gas budget but still have enough to take me to the end of the month. I have transferred money to cover my overage from a savings account but will try to recoup the money in some other way. I got a little carried away and purchased "wants" instead of "needs" (except for the bras - definitely needed) so feel that I need to make up for it by replacing the $$ I took out of my savings. 

I had another expensive day today but budgetted for thankfully! 
Costco - $143 for food (included $25 recharger with AAA & AA batteries - no more buying batteries)
Superstore - $53 for food (includes a nice big turkey only 87 cents/kg.
Bulk Barn - $77 baking supplies for months to come:)
LCBO - $59 (wine for mulling, wine for Christmas Day and Boxing Day potluck dinner, fancy beers to share with my connoissseur brother & nephew on Christmas day)
Wine Rack - $17 for Cartier's Irish Creme

Holy Hannah - can't wait for the more sedate spending of the new year!! After months of frugality I feel like I just stuffed myself at an all you can eat buffet! Tasted great while I was eating but now I can't move!!

Anyone have any shopping regrets?


Sharon said...

I wouldn't regret one minute of it! You had a fabulous time with your daughter. Everything you purchased you will use! (And the food purchases, well you already used those). All of your spending less in the past couple of months allowed you to LIVE MORE this month! I'll have to take pointers on that one! :)!

Johanna said...

This year we went frugal. Maybe too frugal. The toys they got last year they don't play with, most have already made their way to value village, so this year I thought just one thing each. But that one thing is going to be something they really want. Gwen will get a cell phone, a card under the tree will promise a shopping trip for her to chose the one she wants. Morgan is getting $50 in itunes gift cards and his own itunes account to get all the apps he wants. Darian is getting his own ipod touch. and thats it thats all but..... I'm having qualms about this. Christmas morning is going to look horrible with two cards and a tiny present. And I haven't gotten anything for Dave. On the up side I'm putting 1,100 into the TSFA's, Christmas money from the family. Right now though I want to take that money and get the kids tons of stuff. STUFF, STUFF, STUFF...... why do we do this....

Maureen said...

OMG that was a shop and a half, I can,t remember the last time I had a blow out like that.
A few pluses here, you dident use the CC, you got some awesome things, and it,s only once a year.
I had made a choice to buy nothing new this year, and aside from a $13 top I,ve stuck to it.

Oooops my halo just slipped a little LOL

jpkittie said...

atleast it isn't on credit!!! that is the only thing that matters in my mind... if you can still pay for your bills & don't use a credit card, you are so far ahead of the pack!!!

good for you on splurging on you - i bet you haven't done that in a while!

Niki said...

I am glad you got some stuff for yourself. It is hard to not feel guilty, I do the same thing.

By the way I love disposable batteries.

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...


Our eyes are bigger than our stomachs it seems :)

I feel the same way. Kind of dreading the last week of December.

Anonymous said...

sounds worth it to me! imagine if you'd gone with NO budget at all in mind! When I lose weight I'm gonna enjoy a mini shopping spree and I bet I go over too! Plus it's hard if not impossible to go to one of those bath and body works type places and not be easily seduced!