Thursday, December 23, 2010

PEI Singing the Weather Blues!!

Stanley Bridge, Cavendish PEI
Grahams Pond, Montague PEI

Malpeque Harbour, PEI
Northport Wharf near Alberton, PEI

Rusticoville, PEI
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 To all my maritime friends - I hope you are safe, warm and dry, and that your homes and properties are not suffering as a result of all the stormy weather you have been having.

Bev - how are things in Alberton? 

The great thing about living in PEI is no matter where you live you're always close to water, which can also be the not so great thing about living in PEI when you're having a lot of WEATHER!!!


  1. This is indeed starting to wear on some of us. Three weeks with three storms hitting each and every Monday. The last being the worst (actually I shouldn't use past tense, it's still howling out there). and yet, no snow? yesterday there was panic as the bridge was closed yet again, stores running out of baking supplies. Please send chocolate chips...

  2. I actually have some leftover chocolate chips...UPS still delivering??

  3. I'm scared shit less over the Hurricane winds we have been experiences. Some siding has blowing off and the Gazebo roof will need repair. This is the worst we have encountered but I thank the heavens above that snow didn't accompany this storm. If it had of we would have been very badly buried. We only lost power once for about 8 hours, believe me that's good.

  4. What is it with the weather this year ?? Airports ground to a standstill in London. Snow up to your fence line in Canada. And rain up to our armpits here in Queensland with a lot of roads impassable.

    So keep safe and dry and have a Merry Christmas.

  5. The weather gets stranger and stranger! I heard reports of snow in Australia too Maureen.
    And Witch - HANG ON!! Is there an end in sight of your current storm?? Be careful!!

  6. crap! ya'll better invest in a houseboat and tie it to something stable so you don't end up in the arctic circle or something!


  7. Holy moly...that is a lot of water!! It's pretty scary when you have no control over mother nature. I don't think it would deter me from living in such a beautiful place. Hopefully everyone is drying out now!

  8. The wind storm is finally over but we have snow coming on Monday... so our FOURTH Monday in a row with bad weather!!!!


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