Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goals for 2011
Anyone interested in setting career goals should follow this link!

So I want to set some SMART goals for 2011. I'll try to be serious for a while as I figure out what my goals will be.  My first assumption is that for a goal to be a goal it has to take you somewhere other than where you are right now AND that is should be an improvement on current circumstances. Goals should be attainable (so no pie in the sky), measurable (oh no, more math), and have an ending one day, one month, one year, when hell freezes over... (Oops, my serious hat fell off, just let me get it back back in a sec...

There. Ok, here goes...

Financial Goals:
I'll start with the goals that are easy to measure (with a calculator in hand).
  • Save another $5000 for my TFSA (at $650 savings/month this should by attained by August, 2010)
  • Save $2400 for RRSP contribution (at $200/month beginning March 1st this goal will be reached in time for next year's taxes (Feb.29/12)
  • Save $2250 to add to my Emergency fund bringing it to a total of $3000 by year's end
  • save $1500 for Christmas by Dec. 2011
  • Pay a total of $17,400 towards debt by Dec. 31/2011 (this includes $1200/month on Line of Credit and $250/month on PEI mortgage
  • maintain $100/month to World Food Program (now on automatic withdrawal so I won't miss a month due to forgetfullness!), and make six NEW Kiva loans this year ($150) in addition to reloaning the $$ that is repaid to me from previous loans
  • TRY to spend a maximum of $225 twice a month on groceries
  • TRY to spend a maximum of $100 twice a month on gas (this will work out til the end of June and then will have to adjust due to doing a ton more driving in the summer - like to PEI!!! My Crofters Lane jar will help to cover summer driving.
  • Through a variety of methods (snowflakes, budget leftovers etc) increase amount in Crofters Lane jar from $360 to a minimum of $650 by June 30
Personal Goals:
  • ride stationary bike 3-4 times per week and record mileage in sidebar
  • lose 10lbs by 2nd anniversary (April 18)
  • list books I read in my sidebar & read one non-fiction book for every five non-fiction books I read (increase learning)
  • plant 50 trees at Crofters Lane this summer
  • declutter the basement by June
  • organize my cajillions of digital photos by the end of January
  • make at least one person laugh each and every day
  • use daily to track my spending
  • get out into nature a minimum of once per week
Nothing too earth-shattering, I am keeping "attainability" in mind so that hopefully I won't give up. Also some goals are achievable sooner than the end of the year which is tooooooooo loooonnng of a time to stay motivated for EVERYTHING.

* I also reserve the right to make adjustments throughout the year depending on circumstances - both positive and negative...for ex. I fall and break my leg thereby not being able to ride my bike...or...someone dies and leaves me a cajillion dollars...or...I get get the picture:)


Anonymous said...

Good luck Jane. 2011 is going to be brilliant...for all of us...and I can't wait to watch your progress.

Happy New Year and thank you for the support this year :)

psychsarah said...

Love your goals-they are very SMART :)

I am feeling torn reading all these goal blog posts. I am usually a goal setter extraordinaire, but there are many changes happening in my life in the next year, and I'm struggling to figure out how to set goals with these changes in mind. You're an inspiriation-flexible goals might be the way to go. :)

Jane said...

Thanks Laura!!
Psychsarah: there's got to be flexibility - I can't live a rigid life and things may come along that I want to buy etc...I mean life happens right? I think in the past I was too rigid which is a recipe for failure. Trying to be kinder to myself this year:)

Niki said...

I love your goals,they are a little bit of everything. Best of luck with them.

Antie Eboo said...

Love your goals for the new year. Thanks for the link to spending diary and Kiva, both of which I am interested in trying out.
Good luck with your goals!

Anonymous said...

my goals are to stick with weight watchers and pay off my car loan super early! and try to get through each day one day at a time.


Christy said...

Your goals look great! While I appreciate how using the SMART acronym works well here, it reminds me of so many boring staff meetings and PLC's.
I would be happy to never hear that acronym again ;)

Louise said...

nice goals Jane, I smiled when I read your photo organizing goal! thats one task I just never seem to be able to get done!
flexibility is vital, life has it's own plans! all the best for 2011

Maureen said...

Love your goals Jane and knowing you, you will breeze through them. I am only going to commit myself to financial goals, because I believe that with them in order I will be a more productive human being. My lack of finances has seen me spiraling downwards into depression and lack of self esteem.

So heres to a more positive 2011

Johanna said...

Sounds doable. I think your doing great!! Happy New Year!!!

Sofia Britts said...

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