Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ummm....yeah, it's still SNOWING!!!

Ok now, this is starting to get ridiculous. For a little while it looked as though the worst was over and just some very fine, sleety kind of snow was falling, but once again it is heavily snowing and blowing. The schoolboards had a message that all schools were staying closed on their websites by 6am this morning which was superduper of them as I didn't have to leave the house. In the past they have been very wishy-washy and I've ended up at school after a death-defying drive only to find out schools were closing. So thanks for having some common sense this time around oh mighty employers of mine:)

Oh my...the difference between yesterday and today is quite noticeable. Another 45cm accumulating today and tonight and another 15cm predicted for tomorrow. City council met with police this morning and were very close to declaring a state of emergency. OK - enough about the weather!!

So the No Spend days are going pretty well lol!!  Michael and I did brave the storm around 7am to walk down to the variety store in hopes of a daily newspaper (yay - score!) but I paid for that with scrounged change.

Oh no!! The other day I posted that I needed a NO Spend week to make up for an extravagant weekend...does that mean that this blizzard is my fault? Is this God's humorous answer to my plea??

No, couldn't be...


  1. I feel your pain with the snow being all ridiculous. It has been snowing for two days straight, no relief. They say it should stop around 7pm tonight. I hope it does.

    I had to brave the weather to go to the grocery store, wasn't too bad. I slid a few times.

  2. Jane the amount of snow you have is crazy! Good luck shoveling and I'm hoping that you have tomorrow off too!

  3. If this is your fault, you might have a whole city banging down your door (if they can find it, with all the snow!) ;)

    I'm quite glad I have lots of food in the house. I have nothing to go out for now til at least tomorrow morning. Hope you're keeping well and not getting cabin fever :)

  4. All the snow reminds me of last year here. At first it was GREAT! FUN! then it got to be UGH! NO MORE! I have not recovered from last year yet, so I'm wishing for a "green" Christmas! :)! Try to stay warm! :)

  5. This is just a little bit of snow compared to what you may get here in just hours. High winds make it impossible to see and it really piles up to the point where you can't see out of your windows.
    You may have to crawl out of a window to shovel out what ever available door you can find while standing on the roof.
    Then your power is out, so it's nice to have a generator for back-up if not hope you have a wood burning fireplace or propane.
    I've got the pictures to proof it and was without electricity for three days while they had to replace the hydro poles which were broken off like toothpicks.
    You may want to save some extra money in your jars for Old Man Winter and what you will need.
    Neighbors are wonderful because we all help to dig each other out.

  6. All I can say is... BRRRR! It looks so cold. Keep your chin up, it's gotta end soon :) Here's sending warm wishes your way!

  7. Lol, oh dear, that is a bit much for early December, isn't it??

  8. If my loved ones and I are home, I love storms like that... we once were off school for a whole week because we had 3 storms back to back. You might be off for a bit too!

  9. OMG I know I said I was jealous of your lovely snowy winter, but I,ve decided to take it all back, keep warm !!!


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