Monday, December 6, 2010


This was the scene outside my door around 6am this morning. I didn't think to check my schoolboard's website because in the almost 20 years I've been teaching I can count the number of snow days on one hand - I don't even need all five fingers. So while Michael cleared the snow I got ready. While navigating the treacherous roads (where the heck have the snow plows been all night) I hear on the radio that all the buses are cancelled and all the schools are closed.  The excitement starts to build. Not trusting my ears however I keep driving. Weather, traffic and news are going to be updated in two minutes.  Maybe they'll say "just kidding" or maybe they'll tell me once again that the schools are closed. I'll really listen carefully this time so
I don't make a mistake. Thoughts of sitting all cosy with the newspaper and coffee in my lazy boy at home mingle with thoughts of students arriving to an empty classroom.

Putting on my best "listening ears" tee hee I listen to the news and I am rewarded!! No buses are running and schools are CLOSED for the day!!
I turn trusty Cora around and head for home. Along the way I stop at the 24 hour Metro store and pick up two, yes two newspapers and a few other necessities for snowed in people - coffee, orange juice, yogurt, bagels etc. just in case I can't get out again tomorrow yuck yuck!!

I was very happy with how Cora managed in all the snow. I didn't see any plows along my drive - even the main roads were clogged with snow and I saw cars stuck here and there.

But I arrived home safely to a shovelled out parking spot - thank you Michael - and then guess what I did?? I logged into my school board's website just to triple check!! Being a visual person I can't really trust what I've heard, I have to SEE it with my eyes and there it was - all schools are closed today.
Now I can finally relax. I've made a big pot of coffee, my feet are up, I have both the Globe and Mail and the National Post, the Christmas tree lights are on and all is well with the world!!

Bruce looks pretty good doesn't he, although he seems MUCH LARGER in our living room than he did out in the field:)
Today is a day that all parents with school age children dislike, but that kids and especially their thrilled teachers LOVE!


psychsarah said...

Savour every moment! I foolishly came to work, and have no one to see, as everyone is staying home in this weather. I may just trek home and follow your lead soon!

Jane said...

Yes, well alot of places are closing now - just hope you can get home safely!!

Marguerite said...

oh I'm jealous! This morning the wind was howling at 90km/hour. Had it been accompanied by snow I could have stayed home but unfortunately the snow has melted and we've been left with just rain. Maybe next week..

its me, sam said...

There's no snow here, but the winds are wild, knock you backwards wild! enjoy your snow day, I think it's well deserved!

Johanna said...

Love snow days. We didn't get that much snow here yet. Buses ran and schools are open today.
Hope you have a relaxing day.

Suzy said...

ENJOY! glad you know how to drive on snow/ice 'cause I sure don't! my school used to close if we had ice LOL! that was more rare then than now since they've had ice more frequently the past 5-10 yrs.

sounds like a perfect day off (well would've been more perfect if you hadn't gone out to begin with but still...)! I also have to have more confirmation..don't know why I can't just believe something the first time but that's how I am..I'd be home doublechecking as well!


The Witch said...

I just love snow days especially when I phone the snow line for work and hear "that we will be closed for the day." I start yelling and jumping and then I get right down to baking something sweet. Don't know why I just do.
I love the pictures of Bruce before and after. You did a good job of decorating.
I have a fake tree:( because of the hardwood floors mostly. I don't trust any of those tree stands, plus I find my ornaments are just to heavy for a real tree.
Next year I'm going to put a real tree up in the basement because I so love the smell and we have over 10 acres of planted spruce trees.
Glad that you found out how well Cora handles heavy snow.

Sharon said...

Wow, you got a lot of snow! Hope you enjoyed your day sounds heavenly to have some cozy time to read the paper and drink coffee...

Your tree is beautiful!

Maureen said...

I,m having a seriously jealous moment.

Bruce sure looks hot.