Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jog

Yes, it's official - another snow day tomorrow! As I'm starting to get a little cabin fever I better make sure to get outside

for another walk, grab a coffee somewhere, hang out at the library and read the free magazines and newspapers. Hang onto that $20 bill in my wallet for one more day. Today was the easiest NO Spend day ever!

Ta da!! Behind door #2 is a brand new car...side mirror!! 
I don't know about you but this tree looks really cold to me standing there all stiff and frozen and pointy.

You know, a person can get feeling lazy and lethargic after two days of sitting around. I did get on my exercise bike for over an hour yesterday and today but have also spent a lot of time on my computer and watching movies that we borrowed from the library last week. And I do think there is such a thing as TOO much togetherness.

I did finish getting the house decorated so I guess the day is not a total loss.

Must make a plan for tomorrow - I don't like going through a day and feeling like I didn't accomplish anything much. In case you haven't noticed, I find it hard to totally relax:)

So tomorrow I will:
  • do something nice for Kazi and Michael...I know...I will make a nice breakfast to share!! I'm thinking french toast - yummy!
  • write a post having absolutely nothing to do with the weather
  • walk outside for at least one hour & check to see if the grocery store parking lot is plowed
  • make a list of ingredients needed for my Christmas baking
  • go to the grocery store if the parking lot is plowed:)
  • pick out a new book to read from my "to be read" pile
  • write my Christmas cards/make a Hallmark Smilebox ecard of family photos to send to my family members
There - I feel so much better. If I can accomplish all/or most of those things I will feel like it's a day well spent.


  1. Jane!
    Enjoy your time off! Especially so close to Christmas...how wonderful for you! It sounds like you have a very full day tomorrow...Try to RELAX too! :)!

  2. i cannot get in the mood to get my christmas cards going!!!! i don't have time to handwrite them right now, so I don't think I will push it... Maybe I will just keep track of who sent them to me & send out New Year's cards ;)

  3. Good grief - you ARE getting a ridiculous amount of snow!
    I love the pic of the car ... mirror. Too funny!

  4. My MIL gets cabin fever if she has to stay home for two consecutive days, myself I love it although I may feel like you if it is enforced.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration to get some stuff done today. Christmas cards, wrapping and cooking are on my agenda now. Even though I've been working from home, it's way too easy to watch bad tv when not working.

  6. It's insane isn't it!? Sad to say that shovelling has taken up some pretty big parts of my days over the last 3 days! LOL!! And I didn't even get in a "no spend" day, even with all the snow.. :( Ugh!


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