Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting Paid for Surveys

So I notice some folks get paid for doing online surveys.  Is this for real? It's not a scam??

I've only checked into it a little bit and when I try to go to a website that pays you for filling in a survey to "join" I get a message from my computer saying not to open the site because of spyware etc attached to the site.

So folks, what's legit out there and what's not? There seems to be endless numbers of these sites to make a quick and easy buck but I'm not sure of what I'm getting into, or what I'm getting my computer into...

Any advice??


444 said...

I have only found one site that consistently pays me (and they pay immediately, meaning that as soon as I have done $5 worth of work, they send a check when I hit the button to ask for it) and that is Opinion Outpost. I tried a few others and made a few dollars from them but I quit, mainly because they make it so hard to get any money; it seems like a game designed to defeat us - not so with Opinion Outpost.

I have never referred anyone, but since you asked, I put your e-mail address in the refer-a-friend box and they said they'll contact you. If you sign up and join, I get $2. Woo hoo! You know I'm doing it just to help you; I'm not counting on that big payday or anything. ;o)

I got the e-mail from your sidebar; let me know if that one is not current and I'll change it. You can e-mail me anytime if you'd like. I'll tally up what I've made with them this year and post it.

444 said...

Wow, I didn't realize I had made so much. I've made $252.80 from them. Make no mistake about it; the hourly wage is not good. Sometimes you answer questions in very tedious surveys for not much pay and sometimes you hit the jackpot by answering a few questions and making $5 for it. In fact, several times I've been sent products to use and review for them. That was fun, and helped my budget, too!

Jane said...

Thanks 444, they ALREADY emailed me! I'll check it out:) Over what period of time did you make that amount of $$? And I certainly wouldn't mind trying a few free products to try:)

babybluewater said...

I'd be open to doing it too if someone wants to submit my email..., that way you can get a referral :)Thanks!

444 said...

That was over a whole year; I started right around the beginning of last January. I try to wait till I have about $10 in credit before I ask for a check (because double-digit checks seem better than single-digit one) and sometimes I have two of them on the way at once and I can deposit more than $20 to the bank and that seems like "bill-paying money."

Christy said...

I do surveys for Ipsos Reid. A lot of those survey companies won't let Canadians take part. I probably do 2-3 surveys a week. The amount you make varies, but it's certainly not very much. I have traded my points in for about $60 this year.
If you are part of swagbucks you can do surveys on there too. While you can't trade those points (or bucks) in for cash, you can use them for gift cards, which is nice. Teachers can never have too many books - can they?!

Canadian Saver said...

I do quite a few surveys, usually 1-2 per day, and usually when I watch tv. By multi-tasking I don't feel I'm wasting as much time! I've been doing surveys for about 3 years and average a few hundred dollars/year, (will post the extra income for 2010 at the end of the year). I do it for extra spending $$ for my trips, not to get rich (cuz I definitely won't!)

My favorite sites (trusted, have received more than 1 payment from) are:

Angus reid forum
Global test market (just cashed out $50 tonight)
Opinion Outpost
Netpanel Surveys

and also Toluna (not as good as before for some reason) and Web Perspectives, my new favorite (this one pays through Pay Pal, as does Toluna, the others are paper checks).

As I said you won't get rich, but it's a way to make a few dollars. Product samples I've gotten: aero chocolate, gatorade, cat litter, paper towels, cereal... and probably stuff I'm forgetting!

NEVER pay to join a survey site. Everything I'm doing has always been 100% free.

good luck!

beansgood said...

Hmmm... looks interesting, indeed. Since moving to the country and Acadian country at that, I'm finding my part-time work from home a bit too lean. I'm committed to be at or near my computer in case work comes in but lately it's been scary slow.

I'm a bit nervous about these survey sites but their site is professional and they carry the "truste certified privacy" logo. LIke that means much these days. I had a PayPal email that looked so legit but was a scammer looking for my credit card info.

Marie said...

I have also done surveys on Opinion Outpost and have been paid by them numerous time. They are a legitimate company and I have even won an instant $50 from their site!

Two other survey websites that I have done surveys on and have been paid by are Pinecone Research and Survey Savvy.

Never pay money to complete surveys...none of these 3 require any money. And they don't ask for your social security number either. I think that if you make over $500 or so in a year they will ask for it. But I'm not close to that for any of the sites.

Anonymous said...

I only do them with one company now: You Gov. I'm just about to receive a cheque for £50 and that's taken me 3 years to get ;)

Maureen said...

I use Rewards Central to build up my points. You can do online surveys sent through them, pick up points daily just by clicking on email flyers. Or you can build up points pretty quickly by shopping at one of there online stores, you can even get points from ebay as long as you go through there website before you bid.

At the moment I am waiting for a $30 cheque, my third this year.

Sharon said...

This is exactly what I've been looking for too! Thanks for posting the question, I think I'll try a few!