Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Trip to the Optometrist

Will I look like Paris Hilton?

I am feeling blessed today. I really really appreciate your supportive comments re shopping trip with DD. Really. That good ol' catholic guilt is going back to the confessional where it belongs. (I'm Anglican, not Catholic, however I teach at a Catholic highschool, attend mass, and hang out with Catholics all day so it's bound to rub off just a wee little bit:)

But seriously, (yeah right, like I can ever be serious:), several comments on yesterday's post had the following themes:
  •  All of your spending less in the past couple of months allowed you to LIVE MORE this month!  from Sharon
You're exactly right Sharon - I have squeezed my pennies so hard  the last few months that I exceeded both my debt repayment goals and my savings goals.

  • if you can still pay for your bills & don't use a credit card, you are so far ahead of the pack!!! ...good for you on splurging on you - i bet you haven't done that in a while! from jpkittie
Yup, no credit card saw the light of day except at the Hilton to pay for valet parking. I have paid that off already. I carry zero balances on my two credit cards. However, I did make a vow not to buy any new clothing for a year so either I accept a failure there or perhaps renew the vow but for say, 4 months at a time instead of a whole year??

Oh yes, I PASSED my eye exam so I take my place amongst all of you scholars out there lol! No studying involved either:) But the great thing about that is I am going to keep the glasses I have for two more years and am putting my $400 coverage towards a pair of prescription no more ill-fitting clip-on shades over my regular glasses:) AND I was SO HAPPY because my previous coverage was only $200 and didn't cover the eye exam but my benefits plan was updated last year and now I have $400 coverage PLUS they pay the $95 eye exam!!!!  So that's one expense I thought I would have to pay for and now I don't!! Merry Christmas to me!

However...the new sunglasses plus glare coating and scratch resistant coating came to $552 so I have to pay $152 BUT I still have enough in my misc. budget to cover it so I am super duper happy as I thought I would need to transfer more $$ from savings for this expense.

So I am feeling much much happier and less guilty today thanks to you wonderful people and my benefits plan.

Thank you thank you and thank you!  This is why I blog - to be part of such an amazing group of smart, funny, generous and thoughtful people, who just all happen to be women...hmmm...nope, won't go there today:)


  1. thats great about the glasses. I agree about not feeling guilty, you've got no new debt and everything is up to date, sounds good to me!

  2. Yay for a great eye exam! Yay for not needing to buy new glasses! Yay for a benefit partially paying for sunglasses! I have to pay $130 or so for just the glare coating on my glasses and I'm avoiding picking them up because I don't want to pay for them. I should look at the bright side and remember how much I got "free" from the Groupon (an exam and frames and lenses - everything except the expensive coating) and also be glad that my dental work (last week and tomorrow) is all covered by our insurance (we pay $50 per month premiums and get up to $2000 for each of us, that's $4,000 total per year, covered by just submitting the bill and being reimbursed.)

  3. Those are some awesome sunglasses! Isn't it incredible how much glasses are these days?? Good grief! Glad most of it was paid through your plan! :)!

  4. I think your eye wear is a steal. I haven't worn glasses or contacts May of 2003. Prior to that every visit cost me upwards of $600, since I have never had eye insurance. The eye surgery was the best financial decision I have made, with the added bonus of vision. I have saved over double the annual cost so far!!! This should continue until I need reading glasses.

  5. Yay for you. New stylish glasses especially sunglasses are cool fun. Enjoy them.

  6. Over here in Oz we are allowed an eye test every 2 years covered completely by Medicare, so no charges there.
    The Optomitrist I went to was attached to Budget Eyewear and at the time of picking my glasses you could get a second pair free, up to a specific value. So I picked a pair of Gucci frames for my regular glasses and a pair of large chunky frames for my second pair had the lenses tinted and use them as sunglasses, so no more having to take Sunglasses off to read road maps or road signs.
    Total cost $600 and worth every cent.

  7. Congrats on the new shades, Paris - err, I mean Jane! (You're far better looking than she is anyway).

    I'll look forward to a time when I can say my glasses will do for another two years. Merry Christmas to you!


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