Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap

News Beat: Here it is, only Dec. 5th, and I can see trouble ahead already. To balance out my extravagent weekend I need a WEEK of NO SPEND days. That will be my goal for this week. I have $20 left in my wallet and plan to keep it there til next weekend. This will not be an easy task but I have to rein in my spending somehow.

After work on Friday (not a great day at school) I decided that I wanted to go and browse at the local Talize (a really great second-hand store near us...we have turned the name of the store into a verb as in "let's go talizing"). That should have been the first warning sign to me to stop and evaluate my thinking but I chose to ignore my inner voice. I justified going there to myself because I am in need of long-sleeve tops to wear to work - my classroom is cold and although I suffer from hot flashes throughout the day inbetween times I freeze.

Michael had some extra $$ and so off we went talizing. We each spent around $140. That doesn't sound too too bad especially when I told myself that I saved a TON of money by buying second hand instead of new. I just know you are all familiar with that old excuse!!! But did I need that gorgeous pair of black boots as well??  Did I need that Le Chateau black blazer with the jewel-like buttons that I may wear once or twice a season?? 


I'm not done the time we left Talize it was 7:30pm and we were absolutely famished. I suggested we go down to the local Vietnamese restaurant and have a bowl of soup...ding a ling - warning warning!!

 Well the soup was really good and so was the chicken chop suey and the lemongrass chicken!! There are still leftovers in the fridge because like my mother always liked to point out: YOUR EYES ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR STOMACH!!

I wish I could heave a great sigh and say that was it, but last night was our dinner out in Sarnia with friends - we spent $$ on gas, $140 for dinner (YIKES) and then another $20 in a martini bar. I actually don't feel too bad about this one because it was a planned outing and I had $$ ready for that one but it still seems so extravagant after several months of living frugally! However, we had sooooo much fun, great conversation and a ton of laughs so I have no regrets.

I am hoping I can make up for talizing by having a no spend week (or three)! ha ha yeah right! I'm a little worried about my cell phone because when I got it out of my purse last night it was on the internet somehow (not on purpose) and I don't have a data plan - I use it only as a phone so I am hoping I don't have some whopping big charge on my next bill!!

On the bright side...let's there a bright side?...I have spent 0$ of my gas money as Michael has been keeping the gas tank full and I still have plenty of grocery $$ left to last until the 15th. The heating bill came in $13 under budget:), and due to paying $2500 extra on my line of credit last month the interest was reduced by $4, not much but every little bit helps, and my car insurance was reduced by $3 a month because I bought a car that was 2 years older than my other car. Because of these little savings and a $100 HST cheque that will be coming sometime in Dec. I may just be able to make up for this expensive weekend. Only 3 more December weekends to go!!

Blended families can be a challenge sometimes so it was truly wonderful to spend some quality time with both Michael and Kazi yesterday getting our tree. Everyone was in good spirits and we all fell in love with Bruce the Spruce. I will post pictures when we get him all decked out but right now he is still outside (probably frozen) in a large pot filled with   Because we were going out of town it seemed like the best idea to keep him outside in his element until we were ready to get into full decorating mode...

Bruce the Spruce getting snowed on this morning! Poor Bruce!
 How are you balancing all the EXTRAS in December??


  1. I'm struggling with the eating out/fast food mostly. I think Christmas makes me extra munchy and 'needy' somehow.
    those boots sound nice LOL! I'm not much into clothing since I don't think anything looks good on me due to being f-a-t. blech!

    wow with the price of ya'll's booze up there I can't believe you got off so cheap at the martini bar LOL - did ya'll share a small one or something?! but hey an expensive dinner here and there with friends is worth it though I wish there were less expensive ways that all could agree on..I tend to meet friends at restaurants too instead of doing potluck or just going for a visit to eat snacks and watch Christmas movies or play games.

    I'm gonna be watching closely to see how that week of no spending goes girl! :-)


  2. Look at it this way: You've been having fun, right? Don't lose sight of the big picture - having fun with loved ones is very important, too.

  3. Jane,
    It sounds like a fabulous weekend!! And I don't think you over did it, especially the going out part. It sounded like great fun, something I wish I did more of!

    You're tree looks beautiful, we just purchased a small frazier fir. It's inside and all decked out with lights and ornaments. I'm not that crazy about our tree, it's a lot smaller than ones we usually get. However, last year our tree fell over on New Year's Eve and most of our ornaments broke. So I guess getting a smaller one is best. I just hope it lasts!

  4. You have to go out and enjoy yourself sometime. A person can only be frugal for so long and if you push to hard you end up breaking out in big ways. Talking from experience here. Try not to beat yourself up over it. Things have a way of balancing out in the end.

  5. what an amazing weekend! And I agree, you didn't overdo it at all... you do have to make sure you keep the great things in mind... family first (then money... okay okay Suze!)

    I had a day that I had a great time with DD & spent a little bit more... it was fantastic! the times spent was definately worth the money!

  6. I love this post for several reasons.

    1) It makes my $18 spent at the seconds shop last week, look really frugal
    2) I have someone to join me in my no spend week, as I,m flat broke.
    3) I love a girl who enjoys a good night out with food drink and good friends.
    Remember tis the season to be jolly

  7. Hi Sis: Christmas is a trying time. We want to splurge on loved ones, and yes, meals out with friends are an added delight and expense..Last Monday as I shopped for Jim, I bought myself a new pr. of warmer winter gloves. Plus I entered the Salvation Army Store!..but really limited my spending..under five dollars.. a piece of material to tear into strips to crochet a rug..My hint, stay away from Talize if know our family..a bargain gets us everytime..not putting up a tree this year..just decorating my tall rosemary plant..your tree looks really lovely..have fun making new L.Dee

  8. thanks for all of your reassurances everyone! I think it's just part of the mindset of joining the "Spending Consciously for a Year" that is nagging at me - but must remember to live a "balanced" lifestyle. I could never be a "penny pincher" every day of my life - what fun would that be??

  9. I think December is one of those months where you just 'try' LOL! I'm still having the same problem with control of spending! but it's only one month out of the year so it should be able to handle a few meals out - that must've been one heck of a meal though! the best I can think of would be around $25 per person but I may meet a friend at another restaurant that can add up pretty quickly..hmm...



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