Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Wrap & Other Crap

Took a sick day today. No, I'm not dying or anything but I've had a scratchy sore throat for three days and had a pulsing pain above my left eye last night, thankfully gone now. So thought I'd spend a day laying on the couch and dosing myself with oil of oregano. Man that stuff stinks...and it tastes even worse than it smells. But it seems to work...I think my body is so repulsed by the stuff that it heals itself so I won't subject it to any more torture.

Speaking of torture, September's budget has come to an end...

Now...on to October!  I will start using Spendingdiary again this month which will help me to keep better tabs on my spending, at least that's the theory. I used it last year from about October to June and it did help me stay on track.

So once again I have no fancy pie charts to show you where all of my money went. But go it did. There was Kazi's birthday, back to school expenses, new tires for the car and plenty of dining and drinking. Did I tell you yet about the new pub we've found - "The Waltzing Weasel?" The best chicken wings ever!

But I digress - yes the stack of receipts from this month alone is a good half inch thick. Money came in and quickly departed. I just couldn't hang on to it. But, although I spent freely I also saved over $1,000 and paid down my line of credit by $1300.  And thanks to receiving a cheque from Michael today which will now be a monthly event to very much look forward to I was able to cover our overdraft and pay off the Mastercard.

So I stand before you today with my only debt being my Line of Credit ($35,000) and the roughly $45,000 mortgage on my PEI home. I have upped the bi-monthly mortgage payment which has brought the amortization down from 25 yrs. to 16 yrs. and I plan, yes PLAN, not HOPE, PLAN to have the Line of Credit paid in full within 18 months! So by the end of March 2013!!

Other goals for this year:

  • get the Emergency Fund back up to $2000 (currently @ $1450)
  • increase the Christmas fund to $1131 and stay within my budget this year 
  • (currently @ $531)
  • transfer $5000 into my TFSA by year end (currently @ $4300 & the transfer will increase my TFSA to $15, 186)
  • get my line of credit down to $29,000 by year end!! This one is the most exciting goal!
Is your October budget ready to go?


The Borrower said...

Okay, I have to ask..what is oil of oregano? I am feeling under the weather (been fighting it for a while - it's winning today), maybe this could help.

Canadian Saver said...

Wow, for someone who claims to have had a bad month you've done awesome!! Way to go on paying down your line of credit ! You will have accomplished so much this year!!

Jane said...

You can buy oil of oregano at most health food stores. A friend (a fellow blogger!) recommended it to me this past summer when I was out east. Michael had a nasty cold and I started to get a sore throat - always a prelude to catching a cold. I moaned about it in my blog and the oil of oregano was one of the remedies offered. I bougt a tiny bottle ($20), mixed it with lemonade because it tastes horrible and within a couple of days all of my symptoms were gone. It was a bloody miracle as far as I was concerned. And it seems to be helping this time too though it's only been 1 day taking the nasty stuff.
It's worth a shot, and it's a natural product, not a bunch of chemicals in a pill.

Anonymous said...

Glad your feeling better! I am just so glad to see this month end


SonyaAnn said...

You really are impressive! I think that you are going to make huge strides now!
Have a happy weekend!!!

its me, sam said...

Jane, I'm going to go and hunt for some oil of oregano! This cold is horrible! I hope you get better soon!

Out My window said...

Sorry you are punky, I have some great calf scour green chemo in the fridge, if you inject it under the skin it helps you move. It's only $500.00 a dose! You made great progress and had fun at the same time, so give your self a pat on the back and another does of that green stuff.

Jane said...

Out my window: "calf scour green chemo" - that sounds really awful AND expensive. I guess I shouldn't complain - I hope it helps you!!

~Carla~ said...

Great goals for the year, Jane!! Hope you're feeling better soon! The oil of oregano is amazing stuff! I take mine with OJ! It's not so bad! ;)