Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fiscal Fast Update

I was asked on the weekend what creative ways I was going to come up with to solve my overspending problems this month so I tried really hard to think of something really new and amazing that you would oooooh and ahhhhhh over and then you would say - gee that Jane is really smart...why didn't I think of that?

Well, I failed to come up with any new ways to save some extra $$ so that I could pay off the $443 that is sitting very uncomfortably on my President's Choice Mastercard right now. 

My navel gazing has only resulted in the usual and the mundane. Here is my list of things I am currently doing so that I can a) not go any further into debt and b) perhaps end the month with a few dollars leftover which will be immediately put against my outstanding debt.

  • make the groceries in the fridge last until next week and skip grocery shopping this week ...as much as possible (with $200 left in the food budget I've spent just over $30...I hope to have maybe $100 left if I pull in my belt another notch or two...this could really benefit my weight loss program!...love those hidden benefits:)
  • go eat at my friends' homes - can you guys give me your addresses? 
  • drive as little as possible; siphon gas out of other cars at work (ha!)
  • take my own snacks/drinks absolutely everywhere; I already take my lunch everyday to work (I suppose I could steal food from other peoples' lunches?)
  • stay out of stores and coffee shops! (especially Starbucks because I now have only 34 cents left on my card
  • go directly to work and then go directly home after, no pit stops! no passing Go or collecting $200!
  • grab a free newspaper daily from the main office or read news online (for reals as my daughter would say!)
I am open for suggestions. Any other creative ways of saving a few dollars come to mind??


SonyaAnn said...

"My navel gazing"-laughing!
Don't forget prostitution. I'm so bad tonight. You should see what I said on Frances' blog.

Out My window said...

Just don't spend money! Turn a few tricks? I don't mean cart wheels, okay that is not moral or honest. Does my suggestion have to be moral or honest?

jpkittie said...

you are doing great - just stick to the plan!!!!!

Mark Himes said...

SonyaAnn stole my line! I really need to get here earlier next time. m.

Marguerite said...

I guess the easiest way to save money is to just not spend it. So your solutions sound about right to me. Don't leave the house and don't shop online. (online shopping has become my bane recently, so easy to click)

Jane said...

Hahahahaahaha you guys! I was actually going to add "sell my body" but didn't think it would be profitable, funny yes, profitable, no!

~Carla~ said...

Hmm... Think everyone else has covered everything! ;)

You could leave your $$$ at home so then you CAN'T spend it! ;)