Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday's Music to my Ears

I've made a big decision...well I made it a while back but it still holds true today and for every Monday hereafter.  Wait for it....

I've decided to LOVE MONDAYS!

I mean, why the hell not? 

What's good about Mondays? It's a new day, a fresh beginning to a new week, a chance to try again and get things right! Or "laugh trying!" That's my new motto - instead of "I'll get it right or die trying", I'm going to "laugh trying." 

Mondays are highly underrated. Everybody loves to slam Mondays - "there's still five more days of work, I need to drink a vat of coffee to get through the day, I'm tired from all the partying I did, work sucks"...these are typical comments you often hear on a Monday. 

But no more I say...embrace MONDAYS! Throw yourself into your new work week with enthusiasm, humour and vigor! Today, Monday, Sept. 26, 2011, will never come again.  Make it memorable!  What did you do today that was worth remembering? 

Here's what I did: 
a) I went for a 30 minute walk on my lunch and decided to swing by the police station to see how the planned protest again police violence was was the usual assortment of riffraff, disengaged high school students and street kids holding up signs that read "F-CK THE POLICE"....I chuckled to myself when I realized they had just ruined their chances of being seen on tonight's local news.

b) I weighed in this morning at 9 pounds lighter than I was 5 weeks ago which made me grin and say "wheeeeee" and 

c) I found a great way to display some data for a meeting tomorrow and that also put a smile on my face.  

So that's how I'll remember today, it wasn't just another "Manic Monday!"

Here, for your listening pleasure, is one of my all time favorite protest songs. Feel free to sing along...I know you will!

Signs signs everywhere are signs.....


~Carla~ said...

Teenagers an be so smart, yet SOO stupid sometimes! ;) Love your outlook on Mondays! They are what you make them, right?!

Sass said...

I need to adopt that attitude because Mondays are just NOT my favorite!

Out My window said...

Actually I like Monday's I always have, okay sometimes when I am really overwhelmed they are hard, but I do that to myself, usually:)
Great on the weight loss!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't like Mondays - you're always so upbeat!
I work rotating shifts so every day is about the same to me. Just had a seminar yesterday about 'emotional intelligence' that was motivating..time to do some studying I guess( but have quilt retreat coming up first LOL!)


SonyaAnn said...

Good job on the 9 pounds! But I need a bit more of a pep talk to get me to like Mondays!

Mark said...

Hey, guess what! I found your lost 9 pounds. Thanks a lot!

Marguerite said...

Okay, I'll admit I loathe Mondays. Usually because, like yesterday, I ended up with a rotten headache by the end of the day. But you've got a point, maybe if I changed my perspective?

Sarah said...

I love this song!! THANKS FOR POSTING IT!!

Lindy Mint said...

Hooray for being 9 pounds lighter. Go you!

I've always been one of those nerdy Monday lovers. Something about getting back into routine makes me feel good. I'm always the most productive on Mondays too, at work and at home.

I'm not much a fan of Thursdays. By then, I'm tired of the routine and ready for the weekend. At least it's cyclical.

Lisa said...

Congrats on your weight loss!