Monday, September 19, 2011

Fitness Challenge

Had I entitled this post "Scenes from Yesterday's Hike" would you be reading this right now?  You would?  Phew!!  

As part of my effort of getting back into some kind of reasonable shape I have been eating VERY nutritiously and trying to exercise EVERY day for at least 30 minutes. 

At school I go for a 30 minute power walk at lunchtime.  If it's raining, like today, I go to our school's cardio room and use a treadmill. Today's treadmill walk was so much fun (for a change I'm NOT being ironic) as I can see downstairs into the double gym where two boys' physed classes were engaged in a seriously intense game of murder ball. One class was made up of tiny pre-pubescent Gr. 9er's while the other class was made up of hulking bearded Gr. 12's. You might think that makes for an unfair matchup but the tiny little Gr. 9er's were faster and ...well, a much smaller target.  It was truly entertaining! At the same time I was listening to the Bangles on my iPod repeating "Manic Monday" a few times:)

Yesterday my knees were killing me after Michael and I spent several hours at a club dancing til the wee wee hours Saturday night. But, that didn't stop us from going on a 6km hike - it was a glorious day, sunny and mild, and after popping a couple of ibuprofen liquid gels I was all set. I am pleased to report that after four weeks of exercise and good eating habits (mostly good...I am human after all and have indulged in deep-fried icecream and a couple of other tasty treats) I have lost seven pounds. Woo hoo!  Don't get too excited however, I still have twelve more pounds to go...

Here come the nature photos...just letting you know in case you want to go on to the next blog!! can scroll down for the latest newsflash coming straight to you from my source at Jambalaya!! This is real news folks!!
Still lots of flowers blooming!

Decaying log and leaf

Natural sculpture

Uh oh, a three-pronged fork in the road...which way should we go??

Black-eyed Susans

Black and white is beautiful too!

The woods out by Kilworth have many different habitats including this bog.

Wish I'd brought a book - this looks like the perfect spot to relax and read!

Don't know what these flowers are - I thought they were very cool with
different-coloured centers.

Nice landscapes, but are they as beautiful as PEI?

Where exactly is this path leading us?

Ok, this one is in the wrong spot...oh well.  I stopped this morning at the top of the overpass on Quebec St. (for my fellow Londoners...and yes, no one was coming up behind me thankfully) in order to nab this great sunrise. Soon after it was pouring down rain but it was nice while it lasted.

I love the tenderness of life holding death.

Nature: the most incredible arabesque!

Yes, it was as enchanting as it looks!

You can't beat complementary colours for maximum impact!

So delicate - it reminds me of the crochet patterns my gramma used to invent.

It was a very YELLOW kind of day.

Even in death there is beauty.

Marguerite - help me identify this one please! I was so thrilled to find these flowers as I have many of them
in my hedgerow in PEI!

I didn't want to leave - it was the perfect day!

Don't they just make you smile?!

I think the sky is bluest in the fall.

My favourite photo of the day! This photo reminds me of my students - something might be missing but that
doesn't take anything away from their appearance, their joy, their exuberance or their spirit!!

Fragile, yet enduring.


The most incredible sculptures are not made by humans.


Captivating pine trees.

Definitely not ready to call it a day!

But fall is almost here!
Look at the tiny little hooked ends - now I understand how they attach to our clothing!
While I've been typing this Michael has been excitedly texting me from Jambalaya, a London restaurant where he works a couple nights each week. Just before he arrived there tonight there was a STABBING!! involving tenants who live upstairs over the store next door!! One of the kitchen helpers heard the kerfuffle, ran outside, saw what happened and called 911.  Michael says there is a "stakeout" currently happening out front.  Police captured one of the assailants but two others ran off. I guess police are hoping they'll return to their apartment though with them standing out there I wouldn't count on it!! Coincidentally, the restaurant is VERY BUSY, especially the seats by the front window!!



Canadian Saver said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! Your exercise today sounded great, I need to load up tunes n my ipod and walk at lunch too... I can walk on a fantastic beach, yet haven't gone yet!

That sounds like a scary situation at Michael's workplace... I'm not surprised at all the curious folks wanting a good seat if anything happens!!

~Carla~ said...

You're doing awesome, Jane!! You didn't look like you needed to lose any weight to me, but I bet you look even better than you did now! :) Good stuff!

Love all the photos... Beautiful!

Scary that there was a stabbing, ugh! :( I dont understand some people...

Out My window said...

I wish I could take pictures like this. Scary about the stabbing, but makes for great business. Congrats on the weight loss. I lose weight because I forget to eat, or meds make me sick. Ice cream......ummmmm

B-Kat said...

Love your post Jane! Motivational weight loss, beautiful pic's and a little attempted murder at the end!

My life is so boring!

Marguerite said...

Love the nature photos, you've taken some really great shots here. The funny flower with the different coloured buttons is an Aster. I have similar ones called Calico Aster or Aster lateriflorus. As the flower ages the button changes colour. The second plant is Bladder Campion I believe. Amazing job at the weight loss, I could take some tips there.

Sharon said...

Wow! That's too much "excitement" for me! Can you imagine sitting there eating dinner and looking out to that?

GREAT job on the working out! I hope to be start feeling better soon to do it more regularly! We have a treadmill, and I really would like to start working out again....just need more energy!!

Mark Himes said...

I love Canadian news!
And I agree, Black and White is beautiful. Thanks for the compliment!

SonyaAnn said...

I'm so proud of your skinny self!!! Impressive!
Please keep us posted about the stabbing and tell Micheal to watch his back!