Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday's Child Works Hard for Her Money

Sometimes I don't understand myself and I get confused. Today was one of those days. Have you ever had your colours done - I don't mean for makeup but for your personality? I'm blue and green. Which means I'm not gold (or orange). People who are gold are well organized, therefore I'm not. Organized that is. I know that - yet I still get upset with myself. 

Today was marketing day. My fiscal fast is over so I made the rounds to my favourite places this being Saturday morning. I dropped Michael off downtown and headed to the farmer's market. I loaded up on produce and paid with cash.

My next stop was a variety store to get my Saturday newspaper - $3.00 - I paid with cash.

Then off to the Bulk Barn where I bought quinoa and decaf coffee. AND I used a coupon, aren't you proud?? I paid with debit. 

Next stop - Pioneer Gas Station for gas (duh) and I used my "Bonus Bucks" card - I now have $1.00 in free gas!! My pioneer station has a drive through Tim Horton's and since my fiscal fast is over I bought a gigantic coffee! To pay for the gas I used my President's Choice Mastercard because I collect points (just cashed in $80.00 worth of points last week for groceries) and for the coffee I used cash.

At Talize I dropped a bag of clothes and received a $5.00 coupon to use on my next shopping trip - LOVE this thrift store! But no shopping today!

Nope, I was off to Shoppers instead to pick up some body wash that I noticed on special when I was in there picking up a prescription a few days ago. Yup, still on sale!  Used cash.

My last stop was at the NoFrills near where I live. I loaded up on tilapia which was on sale and a few other grocery items. I stuck to my list!! I paid for my order with my President's Choice Mastercard.

Next stop:

Home sweet home

Have you picked up on my helter skelter payment methods? Of course you have, and so did I when I sat down with my budget to record my purchases. It took me a looooooooooooooooong time to record my purchases and balance my books to my online bank balance. Eventually I did manage to balance the books but I was pissed off at myself for such chaotic practices. The problem is that unless I want to give up collecting points with my Mastercard (I don't) then I can't really make much of a change and will have to accept being "all over the place". 

One thing I should have done was NOT used my debit at the Bulk Barn - I should have used my credit card. Then I would only be using two payment methods instead of three. I don't know, I just don't think and whip out the first card that comes to hand. 

Please don't tell me to use cash only - I can't keep track of it - I need the paper trail. Cash just disappears in my sweaty hands. I do keep a bit of cash in my wallet for my misc spending, such as my newspaper and coffee. 

That's my sad tale of woe for today (other than complaining about how COLD it is!) I've read my newspaper and drank my coffee. The laundry is done...I think...I better go check. Plus I'm going to ride my bike for awhile because later I'm going to:

The Waltzing Weasel for wings and a pint!

Hope your weekend is less confusing than mine!


  1. I am so with you on using the cash only thing. I find it much easier to track using my debt/credit card linked to my checking. If I am carrying cash I might as well just throw it away because I always just blow it.

  2. I've done my colours. I am blue - which apparently is quite common for teachers. Gold is my second colour - although I am not really an organized person I love working with numbers etc. My husband on the other hand - green and orange! Makes for an interesting life :)

  3. I would go crazy keeping track. I use cash and when it is gone it is gone! I remember about 30 years ago a color thing came out and my sister -in-law that falls for every whim insisted that I do. Well the colors were Spring! I hate pinks and pastels. I wear mostly black or beige or earth tones. I much prefer fall colors so I ignored this passing fad as I have most of the fads in my life. Which is why I probably have not made any ones best dressed list.

  4. lol! I use only cash & it totally works for me... ;) Try to get in the habit of collecting all your receipts in an envelope in your purse maybe? I do that then record them when I get home...

    Good luck with your goals! :)

  5. I agree with you, i use my debit for everything because if I have cash I spend spend spend. I also like the fact that if there's no money in the account than I can't spend it. That's why I don't like credit cards.

  6. Love Pioneer for gas. We have one just out of town and it is usually cheaper than in the city :) I use my pioneer cash for our first tank of gas each summer for our travels to PEI. Usually about $20 worth of gas but every little bit helps :)


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