Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap & Other Crap

Now here's a Weekly Wrap I can really sink my teeth into har har! 

The past week has really been a No Spend week! I cut way back at the farmer's market buying only green beans and sweet new little potatoes. Total cost - $5.00. At the grocery store I bought: salad greens, tomatoes, baby cucumbers, bagels, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, nectarines, blueberries, raspberries and skim milk. I am proud to say I made a list and stuck to it - nothing extra found its way into my cart. In fact I didn't even USE a cart, just put things into my cloth bags as I shopped! Total cost $27.00 so amount spent on groceries this week - $32.00 instead of the usual $100.00 or more. Money saved will be applied to credit card.

This week I plan to skip the market altogether.  We have all kinds of frozen veggies that Michael blanched from fresh and we need to use them up. We still have chicken, fish and steak in the freezer. I will need to buy more salad greens, bread and milk. That might be enough to get to next Friday's paycheque when a new grocery budget cycles in. 

Personally I bought myself a coffee today at Timmy's as I was facing a long tedious day of professional development. It's tedious because usually the PD doesn't apply to me in my capacity of a teacher of students with developmental disabilities. However, it was a day of catching up with other teachers that I don't see very often and that was fun.  Unless some emergency happens I should make it to payday with between $100 - $200 to apply to my credit card. 

I have been on my fiscal fast for one week now and I can call it a rousing success, albeit a boring one (see yesterday's boring post called "Life is Dull as Dishwater":)  Even Michael is holding my feet to the fire - today I texted him that there were some good movies on at the Rainbow Theatre (only $6.00!!!) and he reminded me I was on a "spending diet" as he so descriptively called it!! Why did I ever give him my blog URL I ask you!?! 

Oh well, no one said living on loose change while saving every dollar to put towards debt and retirement savings would be a barrel of laughs! But if I don't have some FUN soon someone is going to feel my wrath! AND the rainy weather isn't helping any. AND it's the weekend........mumble.......grumble......mumble...

I saved today's FREE newspaper to read tomorrow so I won't be tempted to buy one for $3.00. AND I am about halfway through a REALLY GREAT book called "Waiting to Exhale" by Terry McMillan so I have THAT to finish.  AND I have about TEN FREE movies from the library still to watch....AND it's supposed to be in the low 20's this weekend with partial sunshine so hiking will be a GO on Sunday...HEY...things are looking up!! 

Here's hoping YOU have a fantastic non-boring weekend!! 


  1. Impressive, even if you are bored silly! And "Waiting to Exhale" is a terrific book. The movie's not bad either, as I remember. Enjoy!


  2. Maybe that is the way to get thin and save money buy only what fits in your bag and you have to walk home. I think you are on to something!
    Have a great and cheap weekend!

  3. Hiking sounds fun :) Enjoy yourself

  4. It's all in ones perspective isn't it Jane, if one thinks their life is dull as dishwater! When I read your blogs all I see is all your blessings and how fortunate you are..found the love of your life who holds down 3 jobs. A gorgeous daughter who could be a model, works 2 jobs and gets great marks in University..Very beautiful places to go walking "with someone"..I do all my walking alone as hubby has arthritis in knee and ankle..lots of free movies, good books to read, scrumptious meals, many made for you..If you want to see a dull life you should follow me around for a day :) Cooking up a huge mound of tomatoes AGAIN...Sorry sister can't feel sorry for you, you have WAY TOO MANY Blessings in your older sister..L.Dee

  5. Saving money can be fun but it is also boring . I agree with you. But I think you might have had fun last night!

  6. Mmmmm that wrap does look good!

    Sounds like your fiscal fast is going very well!

    Have a good rest of the weekend :-)

  7. Movies, hiking, sounds like a pretty darn good weekend to me! Isn't it funny how much food we stash away in freezers? I think if I really chose to I could find food for weeks in there without buying anything.

  8. Lol at Michael keeping you on the right path!!

    Roll on October :)


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