Sunday, September 11, 2011

Feeling Smug!!

This is what I'm eating right now...looks disgusting no? It's actually the most delicious concoction - fresh nectarines from the market, plain yogurt spiced with a dash of cinnamon.  I'm on a health kick right now (kicking myself daily for gaining weight over the summer) and part of my new regime is going to the farmers' market early Saturday morning. 
Yesterday I bought green beans, yellow beans, sweet potatoes, blueberries, peaches, nectarines and broccoli sprouts (I love sprouts of any king - lentil, alfalfa - they are just jam-packed with healthy stuff) but this is my first time for organic broccoli sprouts. I can't wait to add them to my salads this week.

So far I've lost about six pounds. I can't ever remember being this determined to regain a healthy weight. I have thirteen more pounds to go and I know that this time I'll make it. The trick will be maintaining it!

But that's not the "feeling smug" part. Today, being Sunday, I got up early and headed to my local No Frills grocery store. Last week when I went grocery shopping it was later in the week and they were "sold out" of all the specials so this week I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out. And do you know that almost NO ONE else shops at 9am on a Sunday morning?? Yeah - I was in and out so fast with my cart full of sale items: toilet paper, steak, yogurt, juice, laundry detergent etc. 

So here I am, eating my juicy nectarines and yogurt...
early on Sunday morning with my fridge full of really fresh fruits and veggies and the long day stretching out before me.  Today it's "no car" Sunday in a certain area of the city - they will have the street closed off to traffic, live bands will be playing, there are sidewalk sales and yard sales and I am meeting two girlfriends there. Should be one fun-filled day!! I LOVE Sundays!!

Oh, the bad news is I can't do the "fiscal fast" this week with Sharon and Eboo. It's my daughters's 21st birthday on Wednesday. Tomorrow night she and I are going to see Keith Urban - it's become a tradition that the two of us go to a concert each year for her birthday - then I'm taking her out for dinner on Thursday (she's partying with friends on her actual birthday).  I need to buy cards, a cake and pay for dinner, and who knows, maybe a Keith Urban CD or T-shirt sooooooo my fiscal fast will have to be the following week when I'm feeling really really poor!!


~Carla~ said...

Sounds like a fabulous reason not to do a fast to me!! Have a blast!! Wish I had tickets to see Keith! I bet he puts on an awesome show! Who's opening for him?

Anonymous said...

sounds awesome! I need to get back to healthy - unfortunately my overweightness is more like 80+ to lose...not helping myself by eating dim sum with a friend and her sending me home with leftovers(well guess if she orders it to go technically it's not a leftover..sigh..well 2 thingies were leftovers and the others not!)I love fruit and yogurt!

Sharon said...

No worries Jane. I've postponed my fiscal fast a bit too. I'm jealous of your six pounds! I regained the three I lost....UGH!
Time to redo the menus....

Glad you had a great Sunday!! :)!