Friday, September 9, 2011

You Better Shop Around uh huh

So I got my renewal form yesterday from Superior Energy. My one year contract ends soon and either I renew with them at a fixed rate or go back to Union Gas whose rate is variable and can change every 3 months. What to do, what to do...

My dilemma is now compounded by the fact that Superior's lowest rate is higher than the current Union Gas rate by 3 cents per cubic meter. 

Sorry for the crappy photo, I was too lazy to get up and walk to the scanner. This shows the current Union Gas rate and a bill based on the usage of 217 cubic m. for a total of $44.07. (Superior sent me this info)

Superior's fixed rate would see the same bill amount to $57.48, a difference of almost $13.00.  

So do I lock in for another year knowing there will be no surprise rate hikes or go back to Union Gas in hopes that natural gas prices will stay low and I may save a few bucks? 

Hmmmmmm, that's a toughie.

Do you shop around for utilities?


  1. I shop around. There is a website that shows all the companies and their respective rates.

  2. I just bite the bullet & stick with Union Gas... for me it's just easier.

  3. We cannot shop. We go with company that services our area. Utilities are high here. They are much lower in the bottom of the State.

  4. I may shop around for electric this next year - I signed on in January - coworker told me I was overpaying..she changed every time if she finds a better rate but for a cent or so I don't usually bother but Reliant was literally raping me on charges. elecric here usually goes up in the summer..don't know whey your gas usually goes up but for me I'd rather have a set rate than take a risk of it going up unless it's capped at a maximum increase. that's the reason I chose a fixed rate for my mortgage vs an initially cheaper variable rate mortgage..I like certainty but that's just me..


  5. Hmm. That is a tough choice.

    Unfortunately, we don't get to shop around for utilities. Our city is divided into zones for the two power providers, and we have to take who we get. Boo.

    Good luck with your decision!

  6. I shop for electricty, unfortunately we have no choice for gas

  7. good question, JH.

    I stick w Union Gas, on average cheaper over the long-term as far as my bills are concerned. (I did win w a private supplier in the early days of privatization after locking in for five years shortly before rates went up significantly. But the opportunities are rare now, I think).


  8. Don't ask me! I always choose poorly.
    We just now are allowed to choose a different supplier. It was a monopoly before. Don't ask me what I really think of the thieving bastards.

  9. So what you are saying is, that people have to pay for things like electricity and such? I wouldn't know, Fred pays all the bills. Ignorance is bliss.


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