Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Link Lovin'

It's been too long since I thanked my Referring Urls. Wow, that's sounds impersonal doesn't it? Ahem...

It's been too long since I thanked YOU, my blogging friends, who support me by linking to my blog, listing me in your blogroll, following me or mentioning me in a post (thanks Kim - photos and all!)  You also inspire me, give me great ideas, give me encouragement, empathize with my mistakes and applaud my victories.

Isn't it interesting that a group of people from all across the world can meet up daily online and share what's bugging them, what they've failed at or what problem they've managed to solve and receive immediate feedback in the form of commiseration, cyber hugs, humorous and sarcastic remarks, support and encouragement, cheers and acknowledgement. I just LOVE it! 

Hence...I acknowledge the following bloggers and their blogs for sharing a little LOVE with me:

Canadian Saver @

Sam @

Sharon @

Judy @

Laura @

Sarah and Jenny @

Niki @

And Mr. and Mrs. 444 @

Thank you and you and you and you and you and...



Anonymous said...

Oh my im blushing now!


Out My window said...

I would love to add this to my blog but every time I mess with it, I have a disaster. I need blog lessons. I love all the blogs you do!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the love!

Niki said...

I am so glad to have "met" you and so many others. It is a fun place to talk to each other.

Thank you for mentioning me. It's a great group to be associated with.

its me, sam said...

Thanks Jane! Next summer, I'm going to pop in for a visit... Just giving you fair warning!

Marguerite said...

Ever since I started a blog I have been constantly surprised and delighted by the blogging friends I have made and the stories we share. Lots of love right back at you.

Mark said...

So I'm looking at that list and I guess it's you who I should thank for sending those good folks my way.
Thank you!

Jane said...

SAM - that would be fantastic! I really really hope you do!!

Sharon said...

Right back at ya! It's been awesome meeting you too!