Friday, September 16, 2011


Head Wrap - ewww...what happened to her should blades??
I am trying to get my head wrapped around my numbers this month...(get it? head wrapped hee hee...sigh) so that I can produce a "Weekly Wrap." Its' just so sad and I'd rather try to distract you with "happy stuff" this:
Kazi and best friend Courtney on Kazi's 21st birthday:)
See? Eye candy! Aren't they pretty?  All dolled with someplace to go! Don't they just put a smile on your face and a dance in your heart? Ok, let's just forget about the numbers and go out and partay!!  

Or this:
The new beaded bracelet my friend Jules gave me - I LOVE it!! Look at all of the pretty colours...distracting right?
 And by popular request - my new $15 silver and turquoise ring! Sparkly huh?
And speaking of sparkly - here's Kazi's birthday sparkler from last night's dinner at Under the Volcano - boy, I tell ya that REALLY takes my mind off numbers...
 So does my favorite dessert - mmmmm deep-fried icecream...I sure could go for some right about now...the numbers can wait til later, right? about an Irish coffee?  No? OK, how about a French coffee?? It's really yummy - it'll blow your mind!!

No? You still want the numbers?  oh poo...

Ok well you'll just have to trust me on this as I haven't put my numbers into Spend Diary since June so have no fancy shmancy charts to dazzle you with their pies and colours and bars. Nope, just dull old black and white.

The Good News: (this will be a short list)

  • I over-estimated my Union Gas and London Hydro by a total of $59 which just became more $$ to spend (oops...good news turned into bad news!)
  • Increased my Line of Credit payment from $1200 monthly to $1300
  • Started saving for: new camera, condo redecoration, PEI home insurance and property taxes & PEI home maintenance & next year's trip to PEI - that's a whole lot more pots to divide my savings amongst!
  • came just slightly under my grocery budget and my gasoline budget :)
The Bad News: (hold onto your hats folks!)
  • had to buy all new tires which reduced my EF from $2000 to $1350
  • both pays were less than I hoped they'd be (but only by $20)
  • allowed myself $0.00 for entertainment this month as I knew it would be a tight month - HAH!! who was I kidding (do not have and do not want to know how much I actually spent on movies, coffees, newspapers, restaurants, clothing as it would make me cry)
  • cell phone bill higher than budgeted by $10
  • made a last minute impulse gift buy for Kazi in the form of a $50.00 Shopper's Drugmart gift card (horrible feeling of old bad habit creeping back in thinking I hadn't SPENT enough on her gifts (fall jacket, Keith Urban concert, dinner out, cupcakes...sigh)
  • spent too much on clothing for myself thinking I would enjoy getting up and going to school more if I had some new clothes to wear!  WRONG!! I AM ENJOYING going to school VERY MUCH so didn't need to spend that money!! What a maroon!
  • I now owe $443 on my President's Choice Mastercard - I haven't had any credit card debt in YEARS!! I'm mortified.
  • I also bought just over $100 worth of jewelry to match my back to school clothes at Claire and Aldo's - another unnecessary purchase!
  • I need to pay $50 into the Social Fund at school AND I need to contribute $30 for gifts for two staff who left and one who broke his leg just before school started (stupid boys!)
  • I have $66 left in discretionary spending and $11.97 left in my wallet (I do have $$ set aside for groceries and gasoline
So there it is. Told ya it wasn't pretty. I guess I'll have to put off the social fund payment til next month but I'll have to fork over the $30 soon. That'll leave me with a grand total of $48 til my next pay on Sept. 30th (without dipping into savings which I absolute abhor!! or going into more NOT an option!)

Hence my fiscal fast for the next week.  I said I was going to start tomorrow but guess what?? 

For the next two weeks, yes you heard me, for the next 14 days I will only enter the grocery store or the farmer's market (I have $200 for food) or go to the gas station (I put $40 in today leaving me with $60 for gas) and will NOT spend beyond the $48 I have left.  I will try to UNDERSPEND on groceries so that I will have a positive balance in my chequing account at the end of the month, even if it's only a couple of dollars.

Think I can do it?  Or will I fall flat on my empty wallet?? It'll be quite a challenge that much is sure.


~Carla~ said...

Ouch!!! You have been having a good time haven't you? ;) lol! Kazi Is gorgeous, Jane!! Some girls have all the luck! lol!

I think you'll succeed at your fiscal fast, just read this post every morning before you start your day & it'll keep you in line!! lol! ;)

Mark Himes said...

You're like the little engine that could. I know you'll make it!

Sharon said...

Jane, I KNOW you can do it!! I'll be cheering you on the whole way!! (I'll be secretly joining you too!)

LOVE this post by the way, Kazi looked stunning on her 21st birthday!

Anonymous said...

I think you can do it so long as you're not doing volleyball with the beer temptation afterwards LOL! I need to get back in the groove too - I've been having 'fabric/quilting major meltdowns' a LOT..and eating out meltdowns...
Sometimes you need to do a little spending I think...looks like you got a lot of fun for what you spent!

Michelle said...

I'd feel really bad for you, Jane if you didn't have a job to go to... like me, who had a melt down (again) and up and quit. Yup. I up and quit and NO income. EI is still deciding and the 4 weeks is up as of today. Talk about stress.

Out My window said...

I thought my daughters were beautiful! But yours is over the top. You will pull it together, I know I had/have to.

The Witch said...

You can do anything you put your mind too!
Sounds as if you had a great time shopping and I love the jewelery finds.
Kazi looks beautiful all dressed up for her 21 Birthday. You can never over spend on a milestone as her Birthday. She will remember this time forever. What a great Mom she has.

Anonymous said...

But all of the purchases are so is your daughter. Good luck I know you can make it!


Jane said...

Thanks everyone for your encouragement, even Mark believes in me lol!
@ Judy - I know! Pretty sparkly things are a weakness but they are so worth it! :)
@the Witch - yes, 21 is a major milestone and I want her to remember it always - and thanks, that helps to justify my spending in my mind too:)
@Kim - thanks, I think she's beautiful too, and she still has the most kissable plump cheeks that she had as a baby!
@Michelle - don't you know you're supposed to have another job in the wings before you quit your present do? And you quit anyways? Well, there is obviously quite a story behind this major move. And I sense it's not a happy one. Duh...I have a gift for the obvious sometimes lol! I hope EI comes through for you, I really do. Is your Etsy site generating any income yet? Good luck my friend!
@Susanna - no more volleyball for me, last year just wasn't as much fun as previous years - the men are becoming so aggressive with their serves and their spikes so I decided to hang up my knee no more beer to buy:)
@Sharon - thanks for your support, you've always been one of my most staunch supporters:) I am hoping for the best but two weeks is a looooong time to spread a measly $60 over. I'll give it the old "Harrison try" as my dad used to say:)
@Mark - I can't believe you called me "little" - I love you!
@Carla - that's actually very good advice Carla - I will keep the topic of this post at the forefront of my thoughts over the next two, very long, weeks!

Lindy Mint said...

Well isn't that what the school year is all about? Starting over, and getting on task, and hoping there are cute new kids this, something like that.

I totally relate to your distractions. I've been creating several of my own these days too.

PS: Your daughter is so beautiful! Good job :)

SonyaAnn said...

It wasn't that bad. I think that you will get back on track. Now that you are back at school you will have less time to spend.
And your daughter is beautiful!!!!

Marguerite said...

I have every faith that you will bring the budget back in line. Acknowledging the numbers is half the battle!

Canadian Saver said...

Your daughter is gorgeous!! (just like her mom :-)). The stuff you bought is really nice, love the bracelet and the ring! And the treats look good too !