Friday, September 16, 2011


That's me, putting the brakes on spending!! After last night's scrumptious meal for Kazi's birthday at Under the Volcano, complete with deep-fried icecream and Irish coffee my spending and self-indulgence is coming to a screeching halt!

I see a fairly clear road ahead without any major spending bumps or eating potholes to contend with. Famous last words right? Oh Murphy, where are you...I know you're out there somewhere...!

That being said it's time for me to bring back my Weekly Wrap. Each Friday I will sum up my financial week and keep myself accountable. I spent some time yesterday going over September's budget and yes, I have overspent. So in the second half of the month I am going to have to make up for it, therefore, my fiscal fast will be starting TOMORROW, Sept. 17th. This is not a fast in order to save up a bunch of money, no, for me it's a fast in order to bring my spending back in line with my budget. 

More details coming tonight.


The Witch said...

I'm not even doing my budget for Sept. I budgeted for vacation and have spent like crazy, but not over our set amount. Plus we didn't travel across like we had planned.
Can't wait to see your numbers and ways you are going to get yourself back in line for the month.
Sometimes a girl just has to have some fun.

~Carla~ said...

You can do it I'm sure!! Once you put your mind to it, it's smooth sailing!! (hopefully!!) lol!

Sharon said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it! I'm on a cash only budget, because there is nothing left in the checking account. Sigh.

Mark Himes said...

I wish I could list what I spent in a week but I'd be too embarrassed. Congrats to you and your kind. You're very brave.

Out My window said...

Funny how spending can just become a habit. I had to do the same thing. it is like I let the cat out of the bag and getting her back in is a scratching clawing nightmare! Maybe our cats will meet each other!

Lisa said...

You are too funny Miss Jane!! I was giggling all the way through your post. But doesn't feel so good to confess and get all of that spendy stuff off of your chest?

And like you I do get a bit carried away with my spending too. Oh well, we can only do our best. Why does it feel so good to spend,spend, spend??