Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm Really Lichen Sunday!

Scenes from today's walk in the forest:

Please make up your own captions as I'm tired and going to bed!  You know, like, "there's a fungus amongus!" and other such pithy remarks. I will go on the record, however, and say that today was a gift.  So warm and sunny - we had an amazing hike. 

Didn't see the white spider til I uploaded photos onto my computer!

Caption this!

The bee flew in from the left just as I snapped the photo!

This is the life!


Niki said...

Great photos. Lots of critters, I love the hairy caterpillar.

I always thought you guys were, but I didn't know you were literal tree huggers. :)

~Carla~ said...

It was gorgeous here today! The mercury hit 30!! :) Looks like you made the most of today! Loved the photos!

jpkittie said...

what gorgeous views on your hike! so glad you are taking time out to enjoy life ;)

Mark said...

Michael is hugging that tree a little too lovingly. Perhaps it's time that you paid him a bit more attention, if you know what I mean. You do know what I mean, right?

Johanna said...

We went out yesterday as well. It was an amazing summer like day :)
Hope your Monday goes well

Out My window said...

You need to make calendars. Except for that big dark animal at the end, I take it Yogi had already eaten the picnic basket?

Michelle said...

Holy Macaroni (lol).... you DID have an amazing day! Wonderful photos, Jane.

Anonymous said...

nice - well most - some were a little squeamish LOL! I've gotta move to Canada darn it - it's so pretty there. might change my mind when you're iced in though..never driven in that except once and it was very mild yet I had a lot of trouble sliding around.


Marguerite said...

oh boy, I see a lot of colour in those trees! We're just starting to turn here, only a few yellow leaves right now but I expect that will change quickly.