Monday, September 12, 2011

Back on the Wagon

What a great weekend! Reading, farmer's market, people-watching, going to the movies, free dinner, meeting up with friends and family on car-free Sunday, lots of laughs, too much food and drink, a new ring.....

Woops! Those last two items shouldn't be there! But unfortunately...they are. Yes, I fell off the wagon a bit yesterday. My own order was a good choice - quarter chicken with greek salad - YUM!! However, I nibbled off a few other plates of food including Michael's french fries dipped in ketchup...AND THEN WE WENT FOR ICECREAM!! HOW CAN I BE THE ONLY PERSON NOT EATING ICE CREAM?? SO I CAVED...and it was absolutely delicious:)

So today I'm back on the wagon again with no regrets. I enjoyed myself immensely, it was just what the doctor ordered after the first week of school and of course the weather was brilliant.

What?  What ring...what are you talking about? Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, that ring. There was a vendor at car-free Sunday selling handmade original jewelry made from silver and copper wire and beads and I fell in love with one in silver with a turquoise bead. It was only $15.00 so with $20 in my wallet I decided to splurge. I also walked away from car-free Sunday with a free beaded bracelet from my good friend Jules AND a free box full of books:) One of the downtown bookstores set up a table with TONS of books and they were just giving them away.

Who, I ask you, who can walk away from free books??????  Not me, that's who!

My daughter's birthweek starts today.  Yes, we don't have birthdays we have birthweeks.  Tonight she and I are going to go see this guy:
Hideous, isn't he?  Yes, to get through this concert I am going to have to shove cotton balls in my ears and wear a blindfold.  HAH, just kidding...I'm actually going to drool and scream and rip my hair out...oh yeah, my hair's too short...well the other two anyway...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...just practising!

I leave you with a couple of flower photos. In aid of my ongoing efforts to become Heidi Klum I've been walking during my lunch period except for one rainy day. I head off into the gorgeous old neighbourhoods behind the school with my camera for some nature therapy.  

So far no one has called the cops on me for creeping around their yard!


  1. Yes, he's just hideous... I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit.. :P NOT!! lol! He's fabulous!! Have a wonderful time, so wish I had tickets!!! Enjoy!

  2. That's quite alright for "enjoy yourself immensely". Most nights, I do the same thing. Now you got me missing the good ole days.
    Anyway, $15.00? C'mon, you totally deserve it!
    And as far as Keith Urban: Very cute. But excuse me for my ignorance and failure to keep up with contemporary music, but didn't he commit suicide in the mid 90s? I'm serious!

  3. Have fun tonight!!

    Glad you had a great week. I know how stressful the first week of school can be.

  4. Ohh enjoy the concert! What a great tradition :-)

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

  5. I'd love to see the ring if you can snap a shot. :)

    Keith Urban is amazing! I'm so jealous!

  6. having no regrets is what it is all about!!! :) that is awesome! beautiful pics!

  7. Jane,
    Enjoy the concert. He was here a couple of years ago and was downright great.
    You should of shown us your new ring it sounds like a real gem.
    Love the flower pictures, it just seems like Summer is starting over.
    It has been so nice here lately high 70's and 80's. So different for Sept. It has been a strange Summer.

  8. You are having fun and totally deserve it. i am too tired to have fun right now. Need a nap!

  9. Life is going pretty well for you, I would say!


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