Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lunch Bag Woes

Remember this?
My brand-new pristine ginormous lunch bag?

Yeah, well picture it after I dropped it on the floor at school this morning and my sticky oily salad dressing container burst open and obliterated the pristineness all to heck! Sigh...

And of course I had a long list of things to do before staff and students started to arrive and I had to postpone those things until I cleaned up all the goop and washed and rinsed my smorgasbord bag.

C'est la vie! The bag was cleaned, the list of things to do completed and a cup of green tea made before anyone else arrived. All in all the day was much better than anticipated.

Grievances with some of my EAs have yet to be settled but I was happy to see three of my former six EAs return, one new one who I met twice last week and feel she'll do quite well, and one experienced supply EA.  Yes, supply EAs already.

Let me explain....I thought I might end up with only two of my former EAs due to one of them posting out to another position BUT she didn't get the position so is back for another year - hopefully with a positive attitude. AND last week I was informed that one of my two male EAs broke his leg!!! and wouldn't be back for a couple of months...YIKES!!

So I had NO IDEA who was going to show up for work this morning but all's well that ends well as Ma Ingalls always used to say and I just hope the grievances get settled soon and everyone settles down somewhat happily for another school year. 

Everyone worked well together and the kids were happy and that's all that matters. It was a productive busy day and I just hope that the honeymoon period lasts at least until Christmas. 

Well I can hope, can't I??

On the money front of things: a no-spend day.  I look forward to many of those as there just isn't the time to SPEND!! 

Christy, Jolie, Kim and Kendra: hope your first day went well too!! (And any other teachers reading this secretly :)...


Christy said...

My first day went well. I think this was the least stressful first day in my 12 years of teaching :)
Glad your day was a good one too.

The honeymoon period lasting until Christmas...yeah - maybe until the end of the week!!!

Michelle said...

Well, Jane... be thankful in ALL things. I mean, at least you have an income. Me... I quit my job after realizing I didn't pull city roots to come to the country to be abused by a manipulative 'boss' (albeit, I worked from home online but still...) who threatened my income on a whim when I 'retaliated' to the constant dribble of verbal abuse. I finally got so fed up I up and quit. Hmmmm.... ouch. In the middle of a home reno.. a big home reno. But.... no debt, no mortgage and just need living expenses as the reno funds were covered from when we had REAL jobs in the city. Hubs disability pension doesn't cover all we need so we're (I'm) dipping into the retirement funds if EI deems I had no reason to quit my job. Yes... gotta fight the system, look for work in a French/bilingual area but I'm not down and out yet. I still have a vintage card up my sleeve. Yes... there's hope for me yet and you have MUCH to be grateful for. OK? Feel better already?

Out My window said...

Great, nothing like a ruined lunch on your first day Charlie Brown. Good Grief! I hope you have a better year with your aids, a good aid is worth their weight in gold. I survived but boy are my feet sore!

jpkittie said...

I just love when there isn't time to spend!!!

Lisa said...

You new lunch bag/tote has been properly initiated :) I hope the honeymoon period last until Christmas too! Many years ago, I was a teacher assistant in an elementary school, and your remark about the honeymoon period brought back a lot of memories.

Mark Himes said...

I have no idea what an EA is but I think I might need one. Do they sell them at Target? m.
p.s. My Word Verification is humbut. I just think that's funny. m.

Marguerite said...

well on the bright side the lunch kit was probably easy to wipe out? Sorry for the ominous start but it sounds like you managed to pull it together nicely and had a good day.

B-Kat said...

I'm glad that the behemoth lunchkit turned out to be OK. What's a lunchkit if it isn't a little stained and filled with the faint lingering aroma of lunches past?

Here's to a nice long "Honeymoon"!

SonyaAnn said...

Well going back to work will help keep you from spending. Just remember that if the kiddies act up!
Have a great school year!

Sharon said...

Glad things went well for you! I was very sad to see summer end....and already I have two tired high schoolers...

No spend for me today!

Anonymous said...

I love your lunch kit. As for me I have one kid who is going to school during a strike and one who is doing his first year of real teaching. OH GOD MY SON IS THE TEACHER....today he had to convince two parents that yes he was the teacher


Anonymous said...

Morning Jane!!

So happy you made it thru the first day!!. The last 2 nights I have been in bed by 6:30. I have been hanging out in the K classes to give a hand. Today I start Observation Survey and running records on my carry over students.

It is going to be a great year!!
Island hugs,