Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap & Other Crap

I started my Christmas shopping today. Oops, I lied. Last week I bought Kazi's new bed and yes, it's still in its boxes. Tidier that way. I bought a gift for each of us today and I'm quite tickled about it - they may help me keep the heat down a degree or two over the winter! But I can't tell because a certain someone might read this and then there would be no surprise when gifts are unwrapped Christmas morning. And yes, I DO buy Christmas gifts for myself. I picked up that little tradition from my mother whose husband, my dear ol' dad, didn't usually select anything that tickled her fancy. Who knows better what you want than yourself? Yeah, you got it, first try! She would wrap them also and mark the tag "To Edith with love, Edith." She knew all about loving yourself first! My mother, she was way ahead of her time!

After 2 1/2 weeks of November, which is going by in a flash I might add, debt repayment is still King, or in my case, Queen. Oh no, I just realized that I haven't input my most recent debt payment or savings entries - I just got paid yesterday and made a bunch of transfers. Oh well, I'm not going to do it tonight. My bicycle awaits! And I just had 3 squares of chocolate because as Mark pointed out I need my energy when I'm cycling:) You're just the best pal a girl could have Mark!

I'm having a wee bit of trouble typing this. A crumb of something must have fallen under my "i" and "k" key so I'm having an annoying time having to tap those keys several times :(  Lesson: don't eat dinner while catching up on blog post reading - your quinoa may end up in places it shouldn't!


  1. wow you sound SO happy today! :-) yep all that cycling requires chocolate and the dark chocolate is supposed to have stuff that's good for you - can't remember what but pretty sure it was in Prevention magazine!

    I've only started on little dude's christmas - personalized books(these are so neat!) and Leappad stuff. My dad will probably be a giftcard for Home Depot(asssuming he's out of the rehab place)..leaning towards the same for my brother except he's also ok with Sears and Lowe's! My sil is easy - she'll give me the name of some movies - I wanted to finish her quilt I started about 4-5 yrs ago LOL but probably not happenin' this year either.

  2. Good for your mom!! I am still trying to finish up the Christmas shopping. I did get 7 gifts wrapped...

  3. I think Marks advice is sound, chocolate is energy food after all!

  4. Awe, shucks ma'am. You're embarrassing me.
    Congrats on your Christmas shopping!

  5. Very cool story about your mother. I guess she is right. Maybe I should make presents like that for myself.

  6. Oh my. Maybe I'm not done Christmas shopping after all...because I LOVE the idea of shopping for myself! :)!

  7. Lol at the 'quinoa in your keyboard' - I am the queen of doing this!

  8. I like your mom's thinking too!

    I have the food in the keyboard thing happen to me quite often too!!


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