Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekly Wrap & Other Crap

I know a secret! Well, not really, but SOON I will! I am going to be a Secret Bloggy Santa, or a Bloggy Secret Santa or some such thing. It's so exciting - it's like getting a new member of the family and I didn't even have to suffer through nine months of extra bloggy fat! And at my age that would just be ridonculous! (My daughter's word)

Speaking of daughters, I bought Kazi's gift on Tuesday and we are sitting around waiting for the delivery truck to arrive. Any minute now....nope...still not about now?..........nope....not yet...

This is Kazi's Christmas gift. Queen size Santiago bed frame from Jysk and a memory foam mattess.  Both pieces were on sale - instead of spending $700 + tax I paid $500 + tax (plus delivery). It's a little big to wrap and besides she picked it out so lucky her she gets her gift 45 days early. Yup, only
                                 45 days 
til Christmas!! Did that strike fear into your hearts?  It did mine, even though I have nothing to fear - Christmas is becoming ridonculously easy this year. (Feel free to borrow this word for your own use.)

Michael and I are gonna buy a new TV - one o'them new-fangled gizmos that's only about an inch thick and has some kinda hard? high? heavy? definition...I forget zactly but it'll be great I just know it! Just so's we cin watch our borrowed libary movies from our bed. We're not getting any younger you know so either we move the bed closer to the TV or we get a bigger TV, one or t'other. I'm not quite sure what just happened there...

In other news...

  • Kim asked don't disasters happen in threes? Why yes, Kim, so they do! So, what was the third thing to happen yesterday besides dealing with impetigo (thanks Judy!) and a sewage-filled bathroom?... well there was one other thing and that was that one of our kids grabbed an EA's glasses that were sitting on a table and snapped them in half! That might not seem as disastrous as the other two DISASTERS but it was to the EA!!
  • today was MUCH better :)
  • Michael surprised me with a NEW pair of shoes from Fodemisi Shoes - they are clogs (remember clogs?), black, so comfy they're like a little piece of heaven for my feet:) He ALWAYS knows how to make a bad day better - thanks my WMH!!
  • I am going to buy TWO more pairs of Blundstone boots (I should never go into a shoe store after a bad day at school!!)
A pair of brown chisel toes:

AND a pair of "riggers" in crazy horse brown (hey, I didn't make that up!)
WOOT WOOT the bed is here! I sure hope Kazi is handy with a screwdriver har har har!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!   (drum roll please...) TA DA!!

There is absolutely nothing interesting about the numbers thus far. I am on budget, a little under here and there: I budgeted $80 for Union Gas and it was only $45 and $60 for hydro and it was only $50. I have $8.63 left in the food budget til the 15th (shopped today so no problems) and $35 left in the gas budget but it's Kazi's turn to add gas so no problem there either. Her Christmas gift was paid for out of my Christmas fund so all around it's been a very boring month money-wise and isn't that a good thing??

How will I pay for my boots....well I don't have that quite figured out yet. Waiting for inspiration to strike...

Tomorrow I will update about my cycling adventure. There has been lots of interest and a few questions. I'm averaging around 15km per day which takes me about 45 minutes. I read my kindle or watch "Til Debt do us Part" to while away the time. My knees are feeling it so stocked up on ibuprofin today:) 

Until tomorrow my friends...


  1. Yes, like you said, boring is good. But the bed and boots are not boring - neither of them.

  2. Lucky Kazi!! Good thing she didn't want it wrapped, that woud have doubled the price!! ;) I *LOVE* those Riggers Jane!! I want! Are you a sz.7? I think I should become your "bestie" and borrow your boots!! ;) lol!

  3. ooh I like those chisel toes!

    Kazi picked out a nice bed too - I remember in college I was asking for kitchen stuff, etc for setting up a house eventually.


  4. Okay, not fair you had a teeny weeny bad day and you get three new pairs of footwear? Love the bed, never tried memory foam.. We are putting anew bed i the basement bed room. Maybe I will try one.


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