Saturday, November 12, 2011


Welcome to the dirty little secret in my life. No, you won't be seeing an episode about me on TV but I am at a point where I need to take some action. I went downstairs today to start sorting and my plan was to pack away things that will be going east with me next summer in a little used storage area off the laundry room. Well, imagine my horror when I looked in and saw that it was stuffed to the ceiling full of stuff!! 

Add to that the four boxes just inside my front door containing Kazi's new bed and mattress.  Add to that a furnace room and understairs closet full of Michael's belongings.  Add to that all the piles here and there in the basement of stuff we brought home when we sold the trailer. I am drowning in stuff and it's bugging the hell out of me!  The purpose of hanging on to all of this stuff is to have several garage sales in the spring and make a little $$ that will go towards our trip to PEI next summer and the things we need to purchase, like a fridge and stove. I just don't know if I can put up with it all until then.  There must be someway of organizing it, decreasing it, making it disappear! 

I just haven't figured it out yet. But it's really bringing me down. Part of the problem is that Michael and I only have one day a week together which is Sunday. He works Saturdays and also in the evening on Saturdays and on Sunday we usually head OUT OF THE HOUSE to go hiking. So NOTHING gets done! 

I'm at the breaking point. I'm thinking that I need to DONATE a good chunk of our stuff and not worry about getting money for everything. My peace of mind, currently nonexistent, is a trade off for $$ and it's time for me to realize that it's definitely more important. Its so much harder to CLEAN around here and a cluttered house also clutters up my mind!

So I am bravely going to head down to the basement and make some sort of start. It won't be easy and it could even be dangerous! But somebody's got to make a start and it looks like that somebody is going to be ME!

Pray for me!


Louise said...

Often it's easier to give the stuff away than to try and sell, at least thats what I've found.
good luck, you will feel great when you start getting rid of the 'stuff'!

Sharon said...

I'm thinking a big dumpster may do the trick! Seriously, take a little bit at a time. It WILL get done eventually. My husband HATES garage sales, so I donate everything and actually it works out tax wise. Keep Sundays sacred...

Dy said...

When I was getting ready to move I decided to donate any smaller/less valuable items. The remaining items were listed on ebay or craigslist. Yard sales are a lot of work, and usually not very profitable for me. I think I made $50 at my last one. Selling things on ebay and craigslist, I made over $1000 this year.

Anonymous said...

My biggest worry is always fire. Can you go through and get rid of some thngs that you could donate(help with tax times), or maybe sell some of it on line now. I know when we started cleaning out the basement and mudroom of my grandparents stuff it was so overwhelming, the amount of stuff. Plus the stuff will brought with him when we married. Finally I started setting aside 15 minutes a day and getting rid of or organizing what I could in that 15 minutes.

Good luck

Lisa said...

Oh Yes.... I have piles like that! You wouldn't think so having just moved and all. But... the "collections" are creeping back in and the piles are growing. I will give away what we can't sell on Ebay or Craigslist.

Getting rid of the stuff will definitely feel better, won't it?

The Witch said...

I know how you feel about the stuff becoming overwhelming. I like to be the organized girl so most of my seasonal stuff is placed in Rubbermaid tubs and labeled pretty.
When they are stacked they look very organized and neat looking. I feel that anything I haven't use in a year or worn goes. We have tables that you can rent on the weekend(local arena) and it's a great way to sell the stuff and make money too. The tables usually cost about $10.00 and you can pile a lot of junk on them and under them.
I hope you come up for air soon and let us know how you made out.

Anonymous said...

I second Judys idea!
Give yourself 15 mins per day.
Set a timer at the top of the stairs, when the timer rings you are done, come back up and stop.
A little bit is easier than doing it at once.
Good Luck

Marguerite said...

If we don't hear from you within a couple of days we'll send in the troops. I was just reading the Witches comments and I was thinking of doing just the same in the near future. We have a storage room that is overflowing and rather than wait for summer garage sales I was thinking of taking stuff to the flea market. That way I can clear stuff out and possibly get a couple dollars for my trouble. Any chance you have something similar where you are?

444 said...

It'll make you feel good to donate. Plus, you can get rid of stuff immediately and not haggle with people over prices. I feel like we are very messy/cluttered people but to give myself credit, we don't have a garage or attic or basement in which to cram stuff which is what most people do. I know, because I used to have a garage, and I know how easy it is to shove stuff out there and deal with it later.

Anonymous said...

I would sort it out bit by bit and donate it all - when faced with our last lot of clutter/surplus stuff instead of hanging on to it to sell we just donated it. And it felt good.

If it's cluttering your mind then it's not worth it - get rid :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, If we don't hear from you within a couple of days we'll send in the troops. Hope all is well with you. Am crazy busy... no time to read your blog. Miss hearing about your adventures. I will try to get caught up on September"s and October's posts this evening. Take care and keep Sunday's for you and Michael.
Take care,
Sending you a big "Island hug"!!!

Canadian Saver said...

I also have way too much stuff and when I get tired of it, I donate, not sell. October focused on my closet, I donated a couple garbage bags full to a friend who doesn't always have extra $$ and what she can't use she passes on.

Good luck tackling the junk monster!!