Saturday, November 26, 2011

On my way to Brighton, ON and the weather is groovy!

Today I left Toronto, headed for Brighton, ON, where my friend Christy (a fellow teacher) lives. The distance between Toronto and Brighton is 140km minus the 20km I pedaled today. I can't get over how mild it is outside, 13c right now even though the sun set 3 hours ago. Absolutely perfect for a little bike ride! 

Yup, it's 8:38pm on a Saturday night and I'm really living large sitting here in front of my computer. Though I do plan to meet Michael when he's done at Jambalaya, we might take in the new Twilight movie if he's done in time. 

In addition to sore knees from biking my hands hurt. I literally dug into the scary room that houses our furnace and hot water tank and where I used to do my carving until it became so full of our overflow of stuff there was no longer any room for ME! I didn't think to put on gloves til I noticed my hand was bleeding - yes it's like a jungle in there! 

See for yourselves: (I have no pride)
 Besides lots of junk (and a furnace - see it way over there?) this is a room full of tools, nails, screws, files, carving tools, sandpaper galore, ladders, snow shovel, coolers, etc etc etc. 
 Believe it or not that's my work table underneath that recycling bin, toolbox, hammer and other paraphernalia. Once upon a time (when I had no love life:) I would sit there for hours carving away creating wondrous sculptures made from stone, fossils, wood and soapstone....then I acquired a man and his life's accumulation of stuff and the wonder stopped! 

Not that I'm complaining (well, yes I am so shhhhhhhh!)! Usually my house gets super clean and organized over the summer when I'm off but that didn't happen this year as the moment school was finished we headed off to PEI and I put it all out of my mind. That's the thing about stuff though, it's quiet. As long as I kept the door to my workroom closed I could almost forget all that stuff was there. I think I'd be better off with noisy stuff that yells at me til I deal with it.

Stupid stuff.

I got about halfway through the room; here's what it looks like now.

 Yes, this room does have a floor. AND I found my cute black and white wellies and a nice pair of black boots. It's a bit like Christmas when you find things that you had actually forgot you owned! 
 Tools are organized and are feeling all happy now. 

And here's what's left to do - still a daunting day's work ahead of me - there's still lots to get rid of. 

And get rid of stuff I did!

 I'll be making a trip to the hazardous household waste depot this week - I'm getting rid of spraypaint and fixative some of which dates back to my days of teaching art almost TWENTY years ago. Yes, indeedy, we teachers like to hang onto stuff...just in case we might need it in another life...
 Many old cans of paint. That very bright pinky-orange is the colour Kazi wanted her room painted a couple of years ago. How many coats of primer do you think it's going to take when I repaint her room come time to sell the condo?
Along with several bags of garbage, already removed from this picture, I'm sending this stuff to Talize - more computer parts, Kazi's Hunter plaid comforters from her "bunkbed" period, old upright vacuum, curtain rods, wicker baskets and more. I'm really starting to make some headway and it feels grrrrrrreat!!

How did you spend YOUR Saturday??


Anonymous said...

WOW I am really really impressed! You are kicking a$$ with decluttering. Tonight we dragged out the Christmas decorations but haven't started putting them up yet. But some of them are going to goodwill because we just don't need all of it.

Can't wait til you get to Philly!

~Carla~ said...

Ok, Jane... Nobody likes a show-off! ;) lol! Just kidding, you did awesome!! Wow! My storage room looks about the same, but I'm not inspired enough to do anything about it yet... lol!

Christy said...

Looking forward to seeing you here in Brighton!

I can relate to the stuff. Teachers keep everything, don't we?! I have boxes of stuff in my basement that I haven't used in nearly a decade.

I spent my day getting my vehicle rust proofed and running other errands!

Michelle said...

Way to go, Jane! I wish I could catch some of your enthusiasm.

I was hoping to spend more time outdoors finishing the Christmas decorations on the porch but I puttered about the house, did a bit of shopping, poured over paint samples with a floor tile and piece of fabric in hand. I couldn't get into it.

I dreamt last night of losing a tooth (insecure, maybe?). I used to have dreams of losing several teeth, just falling out of my mouth. Not a good sign... this unemployment/grim outlook here is getting to me.

I did take my blind guy out for some playtime but throwing his ball into what was left of the snow was a drag cause he couldn't hear it so I ran the ball up the driveway, hoping his nails would get a mini trim. Well... I managed to help him wear his paw pads to the point of pain! I feel like such a schmuk as my poor Colby is not very comfortable. Sigh.

Tomorrow is a new day and I'm sure my boy will be feeling better soon. I'll try and get the porch finished.

slugmama said...

Very good decluttering job in your basement. I have confidence you'll finish up very soon.
Your paint supplies reminded me that I also have a stash of paints from when I taught and sold ceramics. I really need to dig them out and toss or donate them(if any are still good).
Thanks for the reminder! ;-)

Psychsarah said...

You made amazing progress! I think I had the same comforter as Kazi my first year undergrad.

I spent my Saturday with my 6 yr old niece, taking her to Cinderella at the Grand Theatre. It was lovely!

Lisa said...

Wow!! You did a great job cleaning up all that stuff! It is amazing how that stuff multiplies behind closed doors isn't it??

Marguerite said...

Great job on the cleanup, you've made major headway in my opinion. I like the idea of loud 'stuff' so we can't ignore it. That upstairs bedroom that I never go into would be howling.

Jane said...

Judy - I've put my wreath on the front door but that's as far as I've gone with the Christmas decorating so far.
Carla - keep the door open, it will get to you eventually as it did me!
Christy - yes, I blame all of my clutter on being a teacher lol! Thanks for the info about Brighton!
Michelle: I've had that dream before! Usually my teeth crumble in my mouth and I keep spitting them out! Here's a link with some possible "teeth dream" meanings:
I like days when I just putter. I don't feel like I get much done but really I do. So did you! And even though Colby may be uncomfortable he spent quality time with you and had fun.
Slugmama - it's all about making space and parting with junk. You have to use a different pair of eyes when you scan a room because most of my stuff has been around for so long it just becomes part of the fabric of the room and I don't see it anymore!
Psychsarah - good to hear from you! Oh I would LOVE to see Cinderella! When Kazi was 2 she insisted on being read the same 4 books every night and one of them was Cinderella or P-pella as she called her back then. I bet it was enchanting!
Lisa: stuff multiplies behind closed doors? OH NO!! that's my problem - I'm going to go open all of my doors right now!!
Marguerite: I think my stuff WAS howling - but just inside of my head lol! Initially I could ignore the voice but finally it was such a cacophony I had to take action!

Canadian Saver said...

Wow, Jane, SUPER IMPRESSIVE! You've really been in the decluttering mode!

Suzy said...

I'm playing catchup with my blogreading - was with my dad for thanksgiving!
wow I love coming across stuff I've forgotten about(good stuff that is LOL!)

SonyaAnn said...

Your skills are impressive when it comes to cleaning! Me likey.