Sunday, November 6, 2011

And in other news...

  • ...I've been testing a few different models of bicycle-planes for my upcoming journey...since I drew up my itinerary I've had another seven or eight fellow bloggers wanting me to visit them so tomorrow I am going to photocopy another map and replan my route.  I will absolutely visit everyone who has expressed an interest which will mean having to occasionally take to the skies!  And thanks Sharon - I will take you up on your offer so that I can include a visit to Tanner during my time in Virginia!  And Barb, no I didn't realize my route was in the shape of a starter's pistol - how cool is that!? Once I redraw my route I wonder what it will look like??
  • I've got Christmas all figured out - suhweet!! Kazi and I went and looked at beds and mattresses and found what she wanted at Jysk. I've transferred the $$ from my Christmas/gift fund and will make the purchase tomorrow. Both the bed frame AND memory foam mattress were on sale - yippee!!  Kazi is a very practical girl - in the next couple of years while she's still living at home she wants to receive small appliances for her birthday and Christmas - like a coffee maker, iron, microwave and so on. I actually think she's quite brilliant!  
  • Further to Christmas: we currently have 3 TVs in the house but only 1 of them works lol! So I proposed to Michael (no, not THAT kind of proposal!!) that we buy ourselves a nice sized flatscreen, put our older larger TV in the family room and get rid of the 2 that don't work. Oh, and he said YES!
  • Michael bought us tickets to see PRINCE on Dec. 5th!!! WOW!!  Thanks honeybunch!!
  • I have been keeping up with inputting my spending in and will post November's first weekly wrap tomorrow
  • and finally, it's a brilliant sunny day here in SW. Ontario and I've had a wonderful LONG morning thanks to turning back the clocks...once everyone else is up we'll be planning our usual Sunday hike.  I hope everyone else's Sunday is as gorgeous as mine!!


  1. Great idea for Kazi! :)

    Hubby bought us tickets to see Prince too!! SOOO excited I could burst!!

  2. I love Prince!!! So excited for you and, of course, jealous.

    We have two TVs and one doesn't work, we need to get it taken care of.

  3. Everyone is doing so well with's making me nervous that I'm not anywhere near where I should be...especially with the budget! Can't wait to see your final map!

  4. When I first started reading your blog, you were "biking" to PEI, and I thought that meant you were really going there! I wondered where you slept (in tents?) since you didn't really mention that part.

    So that being said, enjoy your "trip!" That flying bike should come in super handy, by the way. If you make it down to the southwest, will you wave to me from above?

  5. Isn't it funny how we will hold onto appliances that no longer work. What do we think they are decor?

  6. Am I the only Londoner not going to see Prince? I'm sooo jealous!

  7. Seriously, you get to go see Prince? Bitch!
    Love, your Friend, m.

  8. So.....on your way to Toronto (if I haven't already missed you) you should take a small detour to Kitchener and come for a tea!

    It's about the half way point from London to Toronto anyways =)

  9. I love Christmas presents with a purpose. It does my frugal heart good!
    And you have an awesome man!


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