Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hoarders Part Two

So here's the thing: one of my original goals when I started this blog was to decrease my STUFF drastically so that when I make the final move to PEI I would have a lot less to move. 


I did really well for a while.  A short while. I even got rid of this:

However...I have accumulated more since then though most of it through no fault of my own...unless you call falling in love a "fault"  (I'm sure some would) so when Michael moved in we had to assimilate his stuff into an increasingly smaller condo.  

Then when I bought my future home in PEI I decided to sell this:
 which was packed full of blankets, towels, dishes, clothing, sleeping bags, garden tools etc etc
AND came with a shed full of stuff too which I packed up and made 2 or 3 trips with the car to bring it all home to what was now a miniscule condo. 

Most of you advised me to DONATE DONATE DONATE and forget about the money. I agreed with that advice (you can't put a price on an uncluttered mind) and went downstairs to face the MONSTER! I took a few deep breaths and thought about walking back upstairs as I was feeling overwhelmed but I stayed and made a start.  A small start, but a start nevertheless. I sorted into three piles: keep, donate, trash.

Here's what I'm keeping:
One bag of toiletries & bug repellent from the trailer - I won't have to buy any lotion, conditioner or hand soap for a very long time. 

And this is the DONATE pile:
This is all stuff from the trailer: cushions, towels, a bag of clothing that I didn't even open and go through, a doggy bed and food bowls for a puppy I never had(?), sheets etc. Most came from Talize to begin with and back it all went! I made the drop-off immediately so I wouldn't be able to change my mind.  Not shown is the three garbage bags that went to the dumpster.

That is only the tip of the iceberg but I pledge to keep going. The longer I persist the easier it will get. Anything of considerable value I will list on kijiji or craigslist. Unfortunately we don't get a tax receipt for donations here in Canada but that's ok. 

I'm doing this for ME.


  1. WOW !
    You rock Jane!
    I know that took more than 15 mins.
    We will call you Cyclone Jane as you whirlwind thru the basement.
    Is there anyone heading to PEI soon that could take a load to Crofters Lane for you?????

  2. Wow, great job, Jane! You certainly didn't waste any time!!

  3. Good job, Jane!! That's awesome!! :)

  4. I'm so proud of you, Mrs. Hoarder!

    I ran out of room in my walk-in closet so I went through all my sweaters and, BOY! did I have a lot of sweaters I never wore and I needed that room for all my vintage goodies that I call my 'inventory'. I'll be getting rid of much of that on eBay and no better time than now.

    Keep it up... it's a good feeling once you pass through that dark tunnel and look back knowing you moved a mountain.

  5. Good for you!! Keep going! You'll feel soooooooooooo much better!!

  6. Great Job! I do the same thing..right into the van and right to st vinnys so I cant change my mind.


  7. Excellent job. Starting is usually the hardest part, and you're well on your way. Keep going.

  8. wow! I need to do the same! too bad I'm not up there closer - I could use some towels and stuff - my dogs use them! I know the animal shelter near my job sometimes has 'please donate used towels' on their sign out front - they use them for the cats and I guess the dogs too if they have some larger ones. dont' know if ya'l have shelters or not in Canada. also women's shelters always seem to need towels/toiletries as well.

    I need tog et some of your resolve!


  9. Good for you! Don't you feel lighter? I am a thrower awayer, but I still have full cupboards, what does that mean?

  10. Mark is going to be so proud of what you are doing! And I'm stoked too!

  11. Congratulations on your progress! I love the feeling of a cleaned out closet. I have a gigantic pile of stuff in my garage leftover from my yard sale. Even though I can itemize it and claim it for taxes, I'm considering just donating it with reckless abandon to get it all out of there.

  12. Having a house with no storage whatsoever helps cut down on the amount of stuff a person has :) but even with no real storage there still seems to be a lot there. I just go at it a bit at a time, we have a pile in the living room called the get rid pile and every couple of months we take it to Value Village. I keep hoping that each time we take it out there will be no more stuff piled up there but not even a day later there is usually something starting the pile all over again :)
    Good luck on the purging


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