Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going to Hell in a Handbasket!

There's a movie I've been wanting to see and it was at our local repertory theatre last night. It's called The Guard. (the movie, not the theatre!) If you get a chance to see it GO!

I don't usually do too much on a Tuesday night, but I met up with a friend at Timmy's for a good ol' gab session (sorry Mark, we didn't talk about you, maybe next time, but I was thinking about you!), and then I swung around downtown and picked up Michael from work and we just spontaneously (I know, crazy huh?) decided to go get a chicken shawarma at Pita Pita (like the best and cheapest food in the world!) and then catch the movie at 7pm, home by 9:15pm. 

So I was like REALLY living it up on a Tuesday night! 

What is the world coming to?

Next thing you know I'll be boogying all Wednesday night(yes, I can't believe I just used that word) to Motown music on rollerskates at the North Optimist Club! 

Oh wait, I am going there...never mind. 

Have a humping great Wednesday!


  1. You are the bomb, Jane! Good for you for enjoying a Tuesday night! :)!

  2. Haven't heard of that movie, but I love Don Chiadle... (sp?) Should be a great movie!! :) Have fun tonight!!

  3. That sounds like a bunch of foreigners in that movie. You know how I feel about them!

  4. Are you the wild child this week! Enjoy every single moment


  5. I haven't heard of this movie before, thanks for the link. One thing I miss about city living is access to better, non-Hollywood - movies.

  6. OUT?! On a Tuesday!??! This wouldn't happen in the UK!


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