Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Night Chit Chat from London, ON

Check out Carla's Sunday Night Chit Chat!! 
Here's my little bit of chit chat:
What are you cooking/baking?
My favourite winter food - SOUP!!
This was my el cheapo purchase last week at Chapter's. On the thrice marked down table:) I'm only 22 pages in but already I can tell it's going to be an excellent read.  I've also decided I will need to do a personal interview with the author, see below.

Listening to?
Michael talking to his auntie on the phone. He slips into his Jamaican patois and I like trying to figure out what he's saying. I'm also listening to the microwave go beep beep beep beep every 2 minutes because Michael forgot he was warming something up before he got on the phone! I will eventually get up and reset the microwave but right now I'm busy! Ya mon!

Looking forward to this week?

Decorating the house for Christmas!!!
Yes, this is really my living room (not) - can't you just see me
sitting on the white sofa with my glass of red wine....OOPS!!
Happy you accomplished today:
Taking another big load of unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary, unloved and unpretentious STUFF to the thrift store!! With each load delivered I feel lighter - unfortunately only figuratively. 

Join in with your Sunday Night Chit Chat!


  1. Hey!! My living room looks *exactly* like yours!! With 4 kids, white furniture is a must!! ;) lol! Enjoy your book! :)

  2. Yay for decluttering! My week does not feel complete until I throw something away(or put it in a box for donating). ;-)

  3. Not only with your glass of red wine but you killer new boots too. Yeah, it just doesn't go.

  4. If this is Micheal and that is your living room, you are so going down, and after they find your body, they will never find your boots....

  5. Love this Sunday night chit chat feature! your day sounded great!


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