Monday, November 7, 2011

New Itinerary - TORONTO or BUST!!

Hokay - I think my plans are in place! Here's my new map with the additional destinations on it. I have rejigged my route somewhat with the result being that I will head to Toronto first (watch for me Sarah!)(Sorry Niki) then on to see Christy in Brighton ON, and then Trenton, ON to see Little Lamb. I'm glad I get to go to Trenton as Michael's son, Dane, is a firefighter on the air base there! 

Not shaped like a starter pistol anymore Barb, more like a futuristic space zapper!

From Trenton, Ontario I will head southeast into the United States visiting Judy in Philadelphia PA, then on to see a new friend in Cape May, NJ which looks like a very interesting place to visit!  After that I'll be heading southwest into Virginia to visit with Sharon in Centreville and Tanner in D.C. (yes Tanner, I'm going to stop by and say HI!) Then back into PA to see Mark and family in Harrisburg and Niki in Warren.  Next up is jpkittie in NE Ohio and SonyaAnn in Antioch, IL. At that point my bike will start to utilize its flying abilities and I'll soar south to work on my tan with Lisa in Central Florida and then west to Houston where I'll spend some time with Susannah - my very first READER!! How cool is that?!

OK, not done YET! Since I'd be flying over Colorado anyways on my way to Lewiston, Idaho I'm going to touch down in Mead to visit my friend Marge. I LOVE mountains and she's got a view that'll knock your socks off!  After seeing Kim in Idaho (and IF I survive the 7 mile drop to sea level to Lewiston!!) it's just a quick flight to Vancouver where I'll rest up for a couple of days. (Can you put me up Barb?)

I'll need the rest because after Vancouver I'm leaving North America and heading to.....AUSTRALIA!!!  Yes indeedy, no trip would be complete without popping by to see my mate Louise! 

Louise lives in the Blue Mountains area!!
And while I'm there I'm going to make a surprise visit to Maureen who's been WAY too busy to blog since going into business with her sister and opening an Italian restaurant!! Maureen lives in Queensland. 

What a trip eh? I can't wait to get started!  Wait, I already have!


  1. I love this.

    Oh I think you would love Cape May. My husband has family there. It's quaint. Can't wait to see you!

  2. WOW, what a trip is right! It sounds absolutely incredible-so many great sights and it sounds like so many fun people to see. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for adding me in Jane!!! That's neat that Michael's son works at the fire hall. He is just the next building over from where I work!!! It's a small world... well you will have a better idea of that after all your big adventures!

  4. Yes, Cape May is a beautiful town, you would love it!


  5. Oh my, that is exciting. Is that Centreville VA? I could probably drive up there (if my schedule allows!). That way you can kill two birds with one stone. I would love to make a trip like this myself, actually...

  6. Wait if your going to Cape May I am going with you(we can go to the cement ship and the light house) and I can not let you go to Harrisburg by yourself. Especially if you are going to see Mark so I will have to go with you to. And did I mention I have family in Colorado.......


  7. Looks like a GREAT trip Jane! Looking forward to your visit! When you see Maureen, tell her I miss her! :)!

  8. how exciting!! can't wait to hear how your visits go and I'm planning some great sightseeing for you :)

  9. ooh I wanna go to Australia too! I better start walking LOL!

  10. This is a long bicycle ride, I hope you have a padded seat! I mean the seat of the bike.:)

  11. How exciting Jane! Can't wait to hit the beach with ya!

  12. HOLY MOLY Jane!
    Sure I ll pick you up and put you back together again. Not exactly a starter's pistol but it does look like you are being shot off of the Wet Coast to OZ!
    See ya soon!

  13. You are such a creative person. Well done!

  14. This is going to be so cool! You are going to spend a lot of time on the bike. My butt hurts for you.

  15. I've started cleaning for your visit already. I know how picky you are!

  16. OMG your going to see Maureen!! Say hi to her!! I miss her so much! I hope you get an update on how she is doing and pass it along!

    Also I'm ok with being first! Toronto is lovely this time of the year!

  17. Jane,
    You are going to be one buffed biker chick!
    Great itinerary with lots of interesting blogger friends.
    Can't wait to see how you get along on your journey.

  18. Australia! how great. now we just need each blogger to post a tour of their town when you reach them.


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