Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blogging with a Heart!

Carla - this is for you. YOU have a giving heart. You gathered us together to donate to the most worthy of causes - to provide a living, food, medication, warm clothing and clean water to those in need. These are gifts that will continue to give - to families and to their communities. Well done my friend.

AND, you have given a precious gift to me and to our fellow bloggers. You have given us the opportunity to pool our resources so that we can make a meaningful and substantial gift. Thank you.

At this moment in time I feel that all of my own hours sitting in front of this screen, sharing my thoughts and goals with all of you, have been well spent. Those many hours have brought me to all of YOU, and I feel humble and grateful to spend time with so many FRIENDS. 

So, raise your glass to CARLA, to yourselves and to bloggers everywhere who make a difference in someone's life! 


  1. I agree 1 million percent! Carla was able to take our little group and make a difference that none of us could have made on our own!

    And no matter how great or small the donation she made it so we all gave together and to me that is the true meaning of a family.

    I am so glad I have found all of you who I consider my friends and my family!

  2. Very well said! "clinking" my glass to toast Carla.

  3. wow, what a fantastic job raising all that money. Well done!

  4. It is a great blogging community, for sure! Thanks so much for your birthday wishes! :)!

  5. I'm not the "sappy" type Jane, but you have me sitting here with tears in my eyes... *sniff* Thanks so much to you & EVERYONE who as donated financially & sent words of encouragement!!! :)

  6. Here, Here! and I bow my head to Carla.


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