Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pride goeth before a FALL!

I displayed some amazing willpower today, and then again, I didn't. 


I cannot tell you (because I didn't count) how many items I had in my hand at the grocery store today, hovering with said items over the grocery cart, and then I rationalized in my mind why I didn't need that item and I put them back on the shelf.  In the past I wouldn't have given it another thought and would have bought bags full of stuff I didn't need. So yes, I am proud of myself.


  • granola bars on sale: oh so close but NO! I still have three boxes in the pantry!
  • several kinds of cereal on sale...but NO! I just bought cereal last Saturday! and there's lots left...besides I am eating oatmeal these days, not cereal!
  • looking over the canned soups...what the heck am I doing?? I make my own soup, I don't eat processed food AND I already bought everything I need to make another big pot of soup...don't take the lazy way out!! I won!!
  • etc etc etc
Then...oops...I  bought 3 large chocolate bars (for Christmas own included :) and oops again, I got into mine...yum...dark chocolate with almonds!

There went my resolve...over the lips and onto the hips!

And you know what? I. Don't. Care! 


  1. wow you did good! homemade soup is better anyways! I pretty much stopped buying granola bars - I'd have coupons and buy them and they'd be gone in a few days :-( not much willpower with me I'm afraid.
    do ya'll get snowed in a lot or go without power? just curious - only h urricane season is a real 'danger' where I am and I have to admit I didn 't prepare well 'just in case' but if I had to worry about being snowed in I think I'd have a nice stocked pantry of stuff that didn't need cooking! of course with my problem I'd eat it all before the snow hit..sigh...


  2. There is just way too much temptation in the stores!!!

    I can't buy chocolate and not eat it right away. I have ZERO will power.

    You can add another 7km of running to your TO goal. :)

  3. You have to eat some chocolate, you know. I eat chocolate all the time and don't apologize for it. It's a major food group.

  4. Good for You!! It is the simple pleasures that are the best. Enjoy!

  5. Chocolate totally doesn't count, Jane... Everyone knows that... ;)

  6. I bought 6 chocolate oranges for stockings on Saturday and ate a whole one myself over 1000 calories on Sunday, that is what I blames this flu on. Bot was I wrong. Going back to the bathroom......

  7. You have to keep up your energy for your bike trips.

  8. You did pretty good. A lot of the time I am doing the same thing... hoovering items over my cart. I have gone as far as dividing my cart into 'definitely' and 'maybe' items. Too time consuming to put the items back that I wont buy from the 'maybe' pile, but it discourages from picking any 'maybe' item. Chocolate, I must say, is a must. I don't buy it as often, so I usually end up with a big bar every few months.

  9. So since chocolate doesn't count, you can throw out your guilty feelings about caving. Plus - it's Christmas, and I know fr a fact that any Christmas calories you decide to sample will be nullified anyways.

    Congratulations on taking the time to be mindful of your purchases and realizing that sale doesn't need to equal buy.

  10. sounds like good prioritising to me!

  11. Never beat yourself up over chocolate. NEVER! I say eat all three bars and then ask Santa to bring more!

  12. oh if there's one thing I can't resist it's a sale. Good for you thinking about all you had at home and putting it back. I need to do that more often but I rationalize that it doesn't go off then there's no harm in having an extra box.

  13. Um, chocolate is the only thing that keeps me going..I agree with all the doesn't count!! :)! Hope you enjoyed every bite!


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