Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's only Tuesday so Why am I so Tired?

Since I was so darn lazy on the weekend I rode my bike 25km last night and only have 20 more to go before I'm in Toronto. I am going to try and cycle those last 20km tonight but I know better than to make any promises. Hey - what do you think about the bike/bed sleeping arrangements?? I know eh? That would save me a pile of money on virtual motel rooms!!

That's not why I'm tired though, because I'm not physically tired so much as I am mentally exhausted. My brain needs a break from thinking.  I've got so much whirling through my mind I can't really follow any thought to its conclusion. 

I haven't been staying up late - it's been "lights out" around 10:30pm at the latest the last two nights. I lay in bed, open my book, read two sentences and that's it, I'm toast!  Right now I have to pee and I'm starving but here I sit not wanting to make the effort to literally "get up and go".  I hope I'm not coming down with anything. I think it's work related as everything else in my life is good. Well, mostly. 

My problem (one of my problems) is that I think too far in advance about...well about everything. Instead of tackling what is right in front of me - the kitchen, the bathroom - and getting those things taken care of, no I sit here and think about how my house in PEI is doing, will it weather another winter ok without me there to look after it? Should we rent a second vehicle next summer and take a huge load of stuff out there? Should I leave the heat on or off? Did Leigh close all of the windows? Should I replace the septic system next summer or wait til we're moved permanently? 

Other things in my head (maybe if I write them down they'll go away and leave me alone for awhile): money (never ending!), students (will end eventually), co-workers (same), Christmas shopping, my quarreling older sisters (long story),the logistics of putting Kazi's bed together, what to eat for dinner, cleaning the candle wax off the table...from the sublime to the ridiculous...just make it all STOP!

Our brains should come with an on/off button!

Sorry, I'm not very interesting tonight, I'll try again tomorrow.

Oh yeah, one more thing...I fit ALL of these criteria...I'm doomed!


  1. girl that trailer is OUT! I feel claustrophobic just thinking about getting in that thing(plus I doubt I'd fit LOL!)
    I'm one short of ADD I though if I can count 1/2 of 2 others I'd bet at 12...my mind's constantly going and I start so much I don't finish and sometimes have trouble even getting started.
    you're doing better than me I think so hang in there!

  2. I have all of these symptoms also. I get more done than any one I know. I look at it as a gift! I still like you even though you are like me.

  3. That is one interesting contraption. I think it would be a little too claustrophobic for me though!

  4. Oh boy... I am guilty of so many of those, it's ridiculous! However, I think they are just... very generic.

    Don't beat yourself over things. Give yourself a break. You'll come around and you'll be kicking butt again in no time.

  5. Jane,
    I hear you and it's like you just walked into my brain. It is constantly thinking and thinking of things I shouldn't be worry about at this time. I think I do way too much multitasking and my brain is still in this type of mode while I'm sleeping which is why I'm also feeling tired. Plus like you mentioned work always plays a factor in our lives no matter how much you try and NOT take it home with you.
    If you ever find the on and off switch or a secret key to help us out please send it along.

  6. hey sis: what did our mother do? she wrote things down and crossed things off the list..house in P.E.I., can't do anything now, so let it go..I have to..as to taking a load out your island home, I remember a blog or email saying you had all you needed already! Except for a bookshelf maybe..as far as your sisters go, not your problem..as long as you communicate with both..(it's not bothering me at all)..calm down, take a deep breath and each day is a new day, a gift..love L.Dee


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