Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hey ho and away I go! Just a quickie before I go to work this morning. Just exhausted yesterday. One of our kids showed up with a note that he has impetago, not sure I spelled that correctly, Judy, help me out!  

It is very contagious so I had to send him home, then we began the long process of  sterilizing everything in the classroom. Well, you see, that wasn't bad enough so sewage started bubbling up through the drain in our washroom which then caused our classroom to reek and made our bathroom unusable which, when you're dealing with special needs students is a bit of a major pain in the royal you know what!!  I am heading into school this morning with high hopes that the plumber who was called was able to fix the situation. And we will continue with the sterilization process which of course will also include scrubbing down the bathroom!

I'll be back later tonight with a cycling update and important info about that AND a Weekly Wrap as I'm a couple of days behind in updating financials for November.

But now I must be off!!  Have a good one!


  1. I swear to God Jane you are making this up!!!!
    This is a TV series not real life!
    What happens when you have a normal day? Do you even know what a normal day is like?
    Hoping you have a much calmer,incident free day.

  2. Listen, if that sewage actually does back up and flows over, you're going to need more than "High Hopes". Maybe you should wear some boots to school today.
    Good luck!

  3. Ack!! Sounds like a heck of a day!! Hope it gets better!!

  4. Oh fun, and yes that is very contagious. But only to an open sore or mucus membrane. I have the drains in my shop snaked twice a year, so they don't back up. Yuck! Sorry about your day but don't disasters come in threes? :)

  5. First off you know thats not what I thought you were writing about when I saw the

    OH NO JANE! You do know that if they have Impetigo it is all over your classroom already. It is highly contagious and the symptoms dont always present right away(and come on you were asking ME how to spell something). Good luck but make sure you keep checking for any symptoms!!!!

    Now on to important things when are you coming to see me? I promise cheese steaks and soft pretzels and sam adams beer!

    Hugs..your gonna need them


  6. Ugh. I was tired just reading this post! Hope you got some rest! :)!

  7. oh my gosh hope you don't catch it (not sure what it is but if it's that contagious it can't be good!) and LOL asking Judy how to spell..hee hee!


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