Friday, November 19, 2010

Weeky Wrap
(Photo in header taken August 25th in Goderich, ON which is on Lake Huron)

News Beat: 
That sound you're hearing is my huge sigh of relief that the "accident saga" is finally over. Cora is now safely residing in her very own parking space in front of our home. Cora is a dear little thing who looks great for her age, is very peppy and has very moderate drinking habits. And even better she has already saved me a pile of dough.

Who could have foretold this little windfall:  after picking up the cheque for cc
I then paid for Cora in full and had $2,548.00 profit!! I spent $129 at Canadian Tire for a set of 4 rubber floor mats for Cora, a new "telescopic" snow brush and an Obusform Massage Cushion that fits the car seat, plugs in to the data plug and provides both heat and massage:) :) :) (I carry all my stress in my back:() ps - it also works on any chair (like the one I'm sitting in right now and ohhhh it feels so very very good...)

Once at home I immediately transferred $2,000.00 to my Line of Credit leaving $419 which combined with my current balance of over $200 in my misc budget is going to buy Cora a brand new set of snow tires to ensure a safer winter on the road. I'm so happy I could sing a showtune - aren't you glad this blog doesn't have audio??? - believe me you should be!

In other news...that $10 bill I had in my wallet since last Sunday? I put it into the Crofters Lane jar this morning plus another $5 from $$ I withdrew today to bring the jar total up to an even $300.  My hydro bill was down $10 from last month so it ended up being under budget by $28 this month - it really does pay to power off everything before going to bed each night.

Still have $150 in the gas budget so I plan to take Cora out on the highway this weekend and drive to the trailer in Bayfield. This last trip to retrieve some things we need here at the house over winter was postponed due to the accident. So I'll see how Cora handles on the highway:)

And this is exciting (to me)...I am featured this week in Angela Barton's weekly edition of Thrifty Threads - check it out!!

Heart Beat:
DD is very fearful about getting behind the wheel of a car but this weekend I am going to encourage her very strongly to drive Cora with me beside her. She learned to drive on an identical gold Cobalt so I am hoping this will decrease her discomfort level. This will be a tough one but she needs to give it a go.

Really enjoyed working with my team of 7 educational assistants this week - they really are an amazing group of people. This morning was pretty rough - Michael couldn't stop picking at a hangnail to the point he was grabbing any object he could to dig away at it - nothing we did could distract him from self-injuring and he began to headbut his EA. He lives at a group home as he has very challenging behaviours and I had to call the staff to come and administer anxiety medication.  They ended up taking him back home. Tough day, but handled well.


  1. Good Morning Jane!!

    I loved the article about you and your Thrifty Threads! It was great, congratulations! Love the sweater too. "Cora" sounds like she is ready to go on her road trip, Safe travels Jane.

    {{Thanks for your supportive posts on my blog, it really means a lot to me. }}

  2. wow congratulations! snow tires must be super expensive! I've never had them..don't think I've ever seen them either! Come to think of it I haven't seen much actual snow my entire life...

    I'll check out that link where you're featured!

    Your daughter will improve with the took me about 6 mths just to get past my accident even a little bit..I still think about it sometimes but it's not as intense unless I dwell on the thoughts. Doesn't help that I drive that route every day because of work. :-(

    great savings! so you don't use your trailer in the winter? It's just for the other seasons on the weekends? gosh girl you have 3 homes or a home and 2 vacation homes!


  3. hey that was a great article!!


  4. look at you! that is awesome!

    good luck with dd & driving... just be strong for her mom, she is going to need you :)

  5. I have a song for you:

  6. So glad your daughter has a supportive mom to help her get through the trauma of an accident. I've been in a few accidents (what, me, bad driver!?) and after rolling my car I can tell you it was very hard to drive again. Best of luck to her.

  7. Hi Lisa: been fighting a migraine today, blechh...Up early but have laid on the couch most of the day. Feeling somewhat better now. Thank YOU and You are most welcome:) I've had many many dark days of my own and feel confident in predicting you are going to get through this with your spirit and family intact. I can just tell from the way you write, analyze and reflect - you are a strong woman!

  8. Hi Susanna - yeah, juggling a lot aren't I? I have such mixed feelings about the trailer. Would like to get some $$ for it but hate to lose it - just love going there and PEI is too far away to go there for my weekends. I guess I will try to sell the trailer again once spring is here but if it doesn't sell I won't be too upset;)

  9. yup - I'll be strong jp - that's what moms do. My own mom set me a good example, now it's my turn:)

  10. Love the song 444! One of George's better songs I think!

  11. I saw the nifty "Thrifty Threads" link. Great sweater find! Now, I don't want to start an argument... but did you say you are trying to lose weight? Where would it come from? Do you plan to donate an entire leg or something?

    If you need to lose 10 lbs., then I need to lose 25.

  12. Jane I am a huge fan of Angela,s blog, so it,s pretty awesome to see someone on there I know, you are famous girl well done.


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