Sunday, November 21, 2010

Closed for the Season ........sob....

 Brrrrrr....Lake Huron looks cold and uninviting now. Hard to imagine that only three months ago we were laying on a blanket, book in hand, squinting from the sun, having a "beach day".
 The hydrangea blossoms have all dried up but they still look beautiful.
 This is what happens to climatis in the fall - I had no idea - very pretty.
Not everything was dead and dried up however - I was very surprised to see that my geraniums were still blooming!! A sight for sore eyes indeed! My geraniums in London have been frozen by hard frosts. 
 And it looks like my climbing hydrangea hasn't given up yet.

That was then...(see me in my hanging chair?)
And....this is now...

One last burst of colour from a rose, imagine that! before the snow covers everything for the next four, long cold and miserable months.
Yes, I am a summer person:)

By the way, it was very windy today but Cora did a great job on the highway - I was very pleased. By next Friday she should have her winter boots...I mean tires...on.
Bring on the snow!!


  1. Oh, I'm so not ready for snow. We had enough last year to last a lifetime!

    Nice pics!

  2. Don't have to worry about the snow in Florida! The few cold days we get are a welcome relief from the Heat.

    Love the pictures!

  3. nice! I still think the lake looks inviting LOL but I mostly sit and look at water instead of getting in it! I live less than an hour from Galveston yet I hate the beach and think Galveston is ugly! Well the old buildings are neat but the water is icky..not at all what I imagined the ocean would look like!

  4. It never snows here in Queensland, and believe me I had had enough of it when I lived in Scotland, but a snowflake or two at Christmas time would be lovely.

  5. YES! Bring on the snow!!!! sally (our mazda 5) is ready with her tires on ;)


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