Thursday, November 11, 2010


As I was sitting in my classroom this morning, reading the paper and waiting for staff and students to arrive I was interrupted in the middle of an article about new house prices by the sound of a bagpiper as he walked past my classroom playing Amazing Grace. And then I remembered.

Today I remember my father, Gordon Douglas Harrison, Leading Seaman for the Combined Operations in the  Second World War. My dad was a changed man after the war but did his best to raise a family of five.  And he did a great job in between debilitating bouts of depression and anxiety which saw him spend a number of years in and out of psychiatric hospitals.

I am the wee one being held in my big sister's arms. She is the sister who is also moving to PEI.

I also remember my grandfather Lawrence Fitzroy Catton who fought and was injured in the First World War. I remember my mother's brothers - Fred, Verne and Arthur who were also active in World War II, especially Fred who was cited for exceptional bravery.  My uncle Fred stayed at his post sending out morse code messages for troops to retreat while under attack.  Although ordered to leave, he refused and helped to save countless lives.

Who are you remembering today?


Anonymous said...

Today I am remembering my dear father, who died in March 2009, a World War II vet who served in Germany. After he died I was going through his wallet. I found a slip of paper with the name of Jesus, my name with telephone number, pictures of my brother and me when we were children, and a very well worn copy of his Army dischage papers. I never knew he carried the Army papers. He would never talk about the war but was very proud of his country and proud to serve. I miss you, dear Papa, more than words can say.

Love your blog, Jane, and wish you all the best. Thanks for this gift of honoring my father.


Canadian Saver said...

Great tribute to our loved ones, Jane!

I didn't know Remembrance Day isn't a statutory holiday in Ontario and Quebec! Just learned that today... hope the law passes to make it a holiday all over Canada.

Jane said...

Mary: your touching tribute brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad I could provide a forum for you to express your thoughts. As long as we continue to honour our loved ones - those who sacrificed their lives, and those who like our fathers were walking wounded - then I firmly believe humanity will survive.
God bless

Anonymous said...

My grandpa was in WWII..I know he was in England because he married my grandma there!My mom's stepdad was also in the military though I don't know what branch. Neither one ever talked about their years in the service; at least not to me. I didn't know until I was helping Grandma pack some stuff that she had been a Red Cross volunteer..she let me have her uniform! boy was she thin back then! I bet she could've told me some stories but never did and I didn't know to ask back then.

I'm thankful there are people brave enough who are willing to sacrifice...I'm afraid I'm not one of them :-(


Canadian Saver said...

ooops, my "y" doesn't always work... now that I reread this, I meant YOUR loved ones :-)

Have a great day!

lanniedee said...

Hi Janey: terrific picture of dear old dad, not so sure I like the other one tho. I sure was a homely kid..Frank had the Remembrance Day service in Ottawa on the tv here and we stood for our minute silence and for the National Anthem etc. and my thoughts went to dad and I teared up, thanking him for my freedom. Wouldn't he have just loved tramping through my new fields, looking for birds? love L.Dee

Frugal Scholar said...

I just found your blog because someone mentioned it on my blog. So I was expecting some frugality (which I found). I found this too--just lovely. My father died on November 10 two years ago.

Many thanks.

Jane said...

Hi Lanniekins: I don't think you look homely at all in that picture. We look how we looked and to those who love you your face is warm, open and friendly. It's all about the inner beauty my dear - and you have that in spades! It's special to me knowing you are out in PEI right now taking care of your house out there in our NEW isLAND. Love you!

Jane said...

Welcome frugal scholar!! The network of frugal bloggers is a wonderful place to be - I learn so much from others and get such encouragement. I look forward to visiting your blog and sharing experiences with you! :)