Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Many Faces of Michael

A few questions about my partner Michael have been cropping up recently such as "can I borrow him" and "how did you meet" etc. I do mention him a lot in my posts so I guess that makes him my "significant other".
There is so much I could tell you about Michael - one post certainly
cannot do him justice. I am just glad and grateful that he has come into my life. We met 19 months ago at a dinner that we were both invited to by mutual friends.  We made a connection - I liked the way he thought about
certain things ie. I was showing photos on my camera of a sunset I had seen the night before at Bayfield while at my trailer. I explained to the group
that I didn't have one of those big expensive cottages at Bayfield, just a trailer and Michael said "cottage, trailer what's the difference - you see the same sunset." He's right isn't he?
Michael is a life coach by profession and as such he is very sensitive, very understanding, very encouraging. He pushes people by having fierce conversations to be all that they can be.
Michael is a complex person; when he was just 18 he asked himself difficult questions, such as, "is this all there is in life?" 
He responded to this inner questioning by joining an ashram and following the
teachings of Prem Rawat.  He lived in an ashram in various locations
for 8 years and lived a life of meditation and communal living.
What can I tell you about the Michael of today?
He meditates daily.
He LOVES music - that is his drum up above. He can't carry a tune in a
bucket (tone deaf) but he can really really DANCE!

One of the skills he picked up along the way - the art of cooking. One of the many reasons I am struggling to fit into my clothes!! However, I'm not
much of a cook myself so it is wonderful, indeed fantastic, that I never
have to think about what to cook for dinner!!
And he cooks healthy food: lots of veggies, lots of grilled fish interspersed with the odd steak, chicken "medleys" mmmmmmmm.
Right now?
He's cooking up a medley of stir-fried veggies and shrimp while little cubes
of potatoes are roasting in the oven in spices and olive oil. He also
grilled some talapia for me to have with my lunches at school:) 

Michael can't be kept inside. The first thing he does every morning is open the front door up wide and step outside to see what it's like. Most weekends find us out walking a nature trail, taking photos and in the morning he likes to get out for a walk or a run in the park.

There is so much wonder and beauty outside and we both feel closer to God when we are surrounded by trees, rivers and lakes. We
can relive those special moments through the many photos we take.

No bio of Michael would be complete if I didn't tell you this one very important fact: Michael loves to.....
I think I had forgotten how to play and it still takes some getting used to but I am learning!

Finally, Michael is thoughtful, loving and romantic. Every month on the 18th he acknowledges our anniversary. 
When asked the other day to describe himself in 3 words he said:
"happy, joyful and content!"
It doesn't get any better than that! 


  1. What a great guy!!! I wish I was lucky enough to go to a dinner and meet someone like him :-)

    Great pics! (as always!)

  2. Lovely post about your man.

    You are both lucky to have found each other.

    And the cooking doesn't hurt, lol,

  3. Oh Lady your in love.

    And what,s not to love he is everything rolled up into one very handsome package.

  4. Awwww..... What a great guy! You are both blessed to have found each other. :)

  5. You are blessed to have each other. Michael sounds like a good person, and so do you. Love the pictures.


  6. so very sweet!!!! you guys are absolutely adorable!!!!! So glad that you have someone special to share life's adventures with!!!!

  7. He sounds like an awesome guy:) You guys look great together.

  8. Michael sounds like a breath of fresh air...loving life and being content is really what its all about, right? Obviously, he has found the same wonderful qualities in you..which makes you a perfect pair!

    He cooks??? May I have him for the month of December? :)!

  9. It's so nice to hear someone say a lot of very positive things about another person. So often we tend to focus on negative things.

  10. Jane,
    Michael is for sure a keeper!
    Wow you get to have a Anniversary celebration every Month, you lucky girl.
    I also think you make a beautiful looking couple. Your smiles have love written all over them.

  11. "Michael can't be kept inside."

    What a great way to describe someone. Being content is also a great way to describe ones self.
    I am a newbie to your blog, but I can tell you I really like what I see.

  12. Is there anything he DOESN'T do right? No - wait, don't answer that. I'm not going to list Mr. 444's possible flaws, either. On the contrary, since it's bragging time, I will disclose that Mr. 444 actually gets out of bed and walks down the hall to another room of the house entirely so that I am not subjected to gaseous odors. While some men like to burp and fart and laugh about it, how chivalrous is Mr. 444 to get out of bed on a cold night to spare me? We have awesome men, yes we do!

  13. 444 - I'm in envy re the gaseous odors lol! Well, nobody's perfect, I guess:)


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