Monday, November 15, 2010

Crumpled Cobalt

This was my car. Got a call from the appraiser this afternoon and it is officially a write-off.  I accepted the appraiser's offer and I was pleasantly surprised that:
  • he included credit for the new tires I had just put on in August without me having to haggle
  • the quote includes the tax on the lump sum amount as well, which I didn't expect but very much appreciate as our beautifully-named tax in these parts -"Harmonized Sales Tax" - amounts to 13% , yup, you read that right, on car purchases
  • he told me I could pick up my old license plates at the autowreckers, aptly named "Impact Auto Wreckers" and when I arrived I found that someone had hammered the worst of the dents out of them saving me the cost of replacing them (if you look closely at the photo above you can see that the front plate is bent right in half)
  • the lump sum was about how much I was hoping to get but was afraid they'd lowball me - so now I must get busy and find a replacement car - the insurance company lets me keep the rental for free for 3 more business days so must have a "new" car by the end of Thursday
The insurance company has still held back my $500 deductible as the police report is still being audited. If they find in my daughter's favour then I will receive an additional $500. I am looking at that as a windfall if indeed I get it - I am NOT including it in the price of my replacement car so here's hoping!

Stay tuned...


  1. So glad that by the looks of it, she walked away better then she could have. happy thoughts your way

  2. wow that looks very similar to mine after my wreck nearly 2 years ago! thank God she was ok. and glad the insurance paid up..I was surprised at how much I got for mine though they didn't reimburse me for the new tires I had on less than 3 weeks!

  3. I'm glad you were able to get what you wanted, but, oh my, what a wreck! So very glad your daughter was okay!!

  4. Oh no, that is quite a wreck!! Glad DD wasn't hurt worse :-(

    Good job with the insurance payout!

  5. thats good about the insurance payout, good luck looking for the new car!

  6. I did,nt realise the damage was as bad as that, how is DD now, I,ve missed a few posts

  7. Yeah, looks bad doesn't it? Thank you all for your comments and concern regarding DD. Physically she is fine - her fractured wrist healed perfectly and no more problems with a sore knee. However, mentally she is afraid to get behind the wheel again and I have to say that I will be VERY afraid to let her get behind the wheel again. We'll take it slow...

  8. It's hard to get behind the wheel after an accident. I had 2 car crashes within 2 weeks 8 years ago. It took me a long time to get comfortable driving again though I still have a hard time when it's snowing. Take your time and the confidence will come back.


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