Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two Things I Learned Today about Prince Edward Island While Reading the National Post During My Lunch Half Hour

 Don't these people look happy, would you even venture to say they look very happy?  Today in the National Post findings found by the Canadian Centre for the Study of Living Standards (doesn't that sound like a great place to work?) relayed that 92.1% of Canadians over the age of 12 are either satisfied or very satisfied with their lives. Wow! That is a very high number. 

(Aside: don't you ever wonder what we would do without the word very - I know I do!)
 The one thing that these pictures all have in common is that they were all taken of people in PEI.  That's right - PEI.  Now you're probably wondering what is the significance of this seemingly irrelevant piece of information. Well...wait for it... people who live in PEI are the happiest people in Canada!!! I kid you not! They scored highest on the satisfaction scale. No wonder I bought a house there this summer - look at my smile - could it be any bigger or any smilier??

Confederation Trail behind us

But like I said in my post title there were two things I learned about PEI today. The second has to do with clean renewable energy. Back in the mid 2000's PEI had a goal to generate 10% of their energy needs with renewable energy by the year 2010. In true maritime style they reached that goal in 2007! Now their target is 30% by 2016! Isn't that fantastic - way to go littlest province in Canada with less than 150,000 people!

Here is a quote from the article written by Julius Melnitzer:

"P.E.I. is home to the Wind Energy Institute of Canada where they test every turbine used in the it could be that when it comes to cleantech, our smallest province is our national leader."
National Post, Nov. 24, 2010

I'm so very happy and so proud I could burst!


  1. man I wanna move to Canada! the island looks totally deserted in the picture! I was wondering how many lived there LOL! I don't think the US would score so high in satisfaction.

  2. On a serious level, the suicide rate would have to be very low, and so would the mental health issues.
    How cool to be about to live in a place where people literally can,t wipe the smile off of their faces.

    You are going to fit in beautifully

  3. I'm working hard at my goal of moving to PEI. I will get there!!

  4. How green is my valley?..oops I meant how green is my 35 acres? What drew me to that property on P.E.I. was all the trees, places for birds to make homes. All that green space for kids to run and run, like Jim's niece's two kids did..running, jumping, letting off energy right where I hope to build a huge park..The previous owner said it was a "happy home" never any sadness there..we are so fortunate Jane, very..Love L.Dee


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