Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm Moving I'm Moving!

MCMom said in a comment yesterday:

"Just wanted to help you with a myth about that metabolism and getting older: the only reason people have a slightly slower metabolism when they age, is because they move less! You can totally have an impact on your metabolism by moving more!"

It's true...I don't move like I used to!

Michael - take me dancing!!

For now I'm moving on right out the door to my weekly volleyball game (to be followed by a beer?!?)

Every little bit helps! (Oh, and no far....well except for the "lite" beer!) 


  1. The only reason I have what is considered a "normal" weight (even if it's not slim enough for my vanity) is that my butt hardly hits this chair before it is out again.

    Lite beer is no doubt the wise choice, although I'm spoiled and set in my ways (Guinness and Smithwick's only - hard on the wallet, too!)

  2. i think the beer is well deserved after an evening of volleyball!!!

  3. You really got me there girl with the title of your post, I had you moving into your new home already :)

    You are absolutely right I should be moving a lot more than I do but after a day on my feet I just want to park myself down and stay there.

  4. Okay, I'll start moving.....but the couch feels soooooooooo nice!

  5. two things have helped me keep moving on my exercise bike - a pile of good books and a small notepad in which I record miles logged.

    I'm enjoying 'song for the blue ocean' right now; I also try for 100 miles per a week and have kept track of my progress for the last two years.

    the riding habit is now engrained inside my little round head.



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