Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back to the Future: Cobalt #3

Cora Cobalt II
There she is - I found just the right car for our needs. She's a bit older than my cc (crumpled cobalt) and perhaps a bit wiser for it. Happily she has about 20,000 less kms on her than cc so very pleased about that and she came in way under budget so I can afford to get some brand new snow tires for the dear.

I'm pretty fond of her already if you hadn't noticed. That's because she is identical to a gold 4door cobalt sedan I leased for 4 years (2005-2009) previous to buying the black cobalt coupe last year. Except she's a wee bit newer. I loved the test drive - everything was exactly where I remembered it to be and it was like putting on a well-worn but well-fitting old pair of gloves. So I think I'll call her Cora - comfortable sounding old-fashioned name.

I found an ad for Cora online a couple of days ago and found the low kms, sedan model and low price very appealing but when I drove to the small car lot yesterday no one was there. I looked over the outside of the car and it looked well cared for.  I was really disappointed no one was there to help me but carried on looking at other cars.

Today I looked at one with VERY low kms for the same price as today's find plus it was loaded with options, but when I went to see it it was obvious that it had had a collision at some point as both front quarter panels were ill-fitting replacements and THAT was very disappointing as I was hoping for a real find. Not meant to be.  On a whim I thought I'd drive by the small dealership and see if anyone was there and that's when I found Mike!

I liked Mike right away - he seemed like a regular guy - unpretentious, self-deprecating sense of humour, very accommodating without being overbearing. He wasn't at the dealership yesterday because he was sick and he's in business for himself - no employees but a mechanic - so he had to close shop for the day. I test drove the car at 2:30pm and by 3:00pm had it at Harry's, my mechanic, to check it over. Other than one small link to be replaced "my guy" said it's in great shape! So I drove it back to Mike and signed on the dotted line. Once his mechanic replaces the link Cora is mine, all mine:)

And just in time. I will return the rental car tomorrow and have them drop me at Mike's to pick up Cora all certified and E-tested and shiny clean. Then it's off to put new snow tires on it at Harry's.

I just texted DD to let her know about the "new" old car and she's tickled as can be that it's the same as the one she learned to drive in. I'm hoping that will help her feel less anxious when she finally gets behind the wheel.

So thankful that we can now put that awful chapter of life behind us. DD is whole and healthy, we'll be back on the road once again with Cora who I'm sure will last the four years I need her to until I retire. 


  1. wow congratulations! that didn't take you very long LOL!

  2. Good news! Congrats on Cora. Car shopping can be pretty frustrating, but I am glad that you found what you were looking for so quickly.


  3. Congratulations on your excellent car find! Slightly used cars are great. In 2000 my mother bought for me (she paid half or more and eventually I paid the remainder) a 1999 Suzuki and it's been going strong ever since, serving me well to this day. Yay for tried-and-true cars!

  4. Yay!!! She so cute!! I love our cobalt it's such a nice little car to drive. Happy driving.

  5. Welcome to Jane's world, Cora! May you have a long and safe life! Way to go, Jane ;)

  6. It is a lovely car... with a lovely name! I know you are glad to be moving forward with this car four your DD. :)

  7. You always seem to land on your feet sister dear.. nice to get a car with lower mileage as I know how far it will be traveling in the future, over a certain long bridge that I know! One minute it was pouring here, now the sun is out..flying home on Sunday around quarter to 7 p.m. Yeah, get to see Jimmy!! Going up to farm to smash more drywall today, tomorrow the three of us are going to have a demolition ya L.Dee

  8. I think that's the fastest car shopping I've ever seen!

  9. Yes - it was fast car shopping though I had been searching online for several weeks. I had a short list assembled before I went out on the road to view and test drive. Isn't the web a marvelous tool? I did the same thing before I went to PEI on a house hunting trip. It saves soooooo much time and energy:)
    And yes - Cora is both cute and lovely although modest and cosy - but she sure has astonishing get up and go - there's life in the old girl yet (that is the CAR I'm talking about here - hee hee!)

  10. My Betty wishes your Cora happy driving with Jane.

  11. So happy you found Cora I'm sure you will have lots of adventures together.
    Nice colour which will be easy to take care of.

  12. Betty & Cora -lol Maureen! Sounds like two old biddies going to play bingo together!


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