Monday, November 29, 2010

Johnny Depp & the End of November

What do Johnny Depp and and the month of November have in common?

To find out the answer to this deeply mystifying question, if indeed you care at all, you will have to wait until the end of this post to find out!

Month End Report:  (I am feeling slightly intimidated by this heading!)

My first pay for December will be in my account as of midnight tonight so financially November is ovah! Yay! November will be remembered as the month of the accident - the month my baby girl realized that yes, driving can be dangerous, that other drivers don't always drive the way you think they should. A rude awakening indeed. She's doing well - she's in good spirits, busy with exams, essays and work and looking forward to about a 3 week break from school. Our trip to Toronto is all booked and this Saturday we are going on a Christmas Tree Adventure (a surprise organized by Michael)- for the first time we are going to chop down our own tree! Usually we put up a fake tree as we generally travel to see relatives but this year we are staying home so we will celebrate with a real tree just this once.

Oh yeah...the financials, got a little sidetracked there: I ended up making a profit on the replacement car and applied it to my line of credit which made me smile. I was overbudget by $16 on groceries but under budget on gasoline, hydro, natural gas and cell phone. I met my savings targets and exceeded my debt repayment target so all in all there is light at the end of Dark November.

For December: I reduced my savings goals for December thereby increasing my misc. spending from $288 to $750 - hopefully that will be enough to see me through a busy month of entertaining and being entertained. I am really hopeful that I won't spend all $750 but better to be prepared as I am rapidly finding out! 

OK - if you hung out with til now in hopes of finding out what Johnny Depp and November have in common here it is - the answer - the culmination of an amazing post - here goes - wait for it - NOTHING!! Absolutely nothing, except that Johnny certainly brightens up an otherwise dark and gloomy month...much better than looking at say... this calendar instead..

Boring, right??
Yes, thank you - I knew you'd agree:) And therefore I have a reward for you:
On December 10th "The Tourist" starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie opens "in theatres everywhere" and here is a trailer just for you:

P.S. A couple of months ago I tried to downloand a free songlist courtesy of the National Post. It didn't seem to work at the time but when I was re-syncing my iPod a few minutes ago there it was - 13 free songs! So now I'm listening to my NEW FREE music and enjoying it immensely!

What is your latest freebie??


  1. Oh i'm sorry... after Johnny I completely lost my train of thought... ;) YUMMY!!! *blush*

    Honestly though, I hope you stay on track for your December budget this month! My BFF have a standin date to see The Tourist.. I can't wait! Looks awesome!!

  2. you are too funny! :)

    I agree with having a better calendar ;)

  3. feeling spunky today huh?! :-)

    yep financially November is over for me too and I need to do my budget for December and tally my receipts from today - dog medicine and a few groceries tonight.

  4. Jane!
    It sounds like you had a great financial November! I'm glad your daughter is fine...time does heal.

    Real trees are beautiful, we get one every year. We actually get our trees from Whole Foods! They are inexpensive (at least for our area) and are beautiful!

    Take some pics of your tree! :)!

  5. I hav,nt had a freebie recently, so it must be about my turn.
    Loved the clip I don,t know who is the prettier Johnny or Angelina.
    November will also remind me of my Daughter, but not for the same reasons as you.
    Enjoy your tree adventure. I love the sound of your Michael, where did you two meet??

  6. Welcome half dozen daily! I know I know he affects me the same way! He just gets better with age doesn't he? I love Angelina too, she was so good in Salt! So you know where I'll be on Dec. 10th!!

  7. "feeling spunky today huh" comment above makes me think of my Dad, he always said I had a lot of "spunk" and now I know he was right:)

  8. Sharon - yes I'll be sure and take some photos - I seem to take photos of just about everything! Real trees are so much nicer and I love how they make the house smell!

  9. Maureen - yes, I would agree you are due for a freebie - I wonder what it will be!
    Michael and I both had friends who knew some people in common and we just both happened to get invited out to a group dinner at a Greek restaurant and sat across from each other - the rest, they say, is history:) He's a life coach and was great to talk to etc etc...

  10. Freebie we recently got a new to us entertainment center in really good condition. Our TV has been sitting on an old microwave stand for the whole time hubs and I have been together (almost 18 years now).
    Sounds like November went well for you and jigging for December sounds great.
    I would love to have a real tree. We have talked about it for the past few years now but I don't think it will be this year. Maybe next year.
    Love Johnny Depp:)


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